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Fire Pit Art Outdoor Furniture

Millions of people all over the world go to nature every day to enjoy the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves and the crackle of a fire. Outdoor recreation helps to relax and feel the connection of time, as our ancestors lived among trees and wild stones for many millennia. The laws of many countries directly require vacationers to use special equipment. A forest fire can be a threat to people and the environment if there is no safe and functional fire pit. Made by real professionals, this device is designed with aerodynamic properties and maximum comfort for consumers in mind. Fire pits can use not only wood, but also gas, in the forest, on the beach and in the backyard. This is exactly what FirePit Art offers to outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers around the world.


Fire Pit Art specializes in reliable and safe fire pits and additional equipment that will help you spend time in the bosom of nature with maximum comfort and benefit. Models are made of thick carbon steel, which is ideally suited to high temperatures. Innovative technologies allow you to control fire in a limited space, without fear of excesses and incidents. After the dry firewood is placed in an elegant and compact fire pit, the flames will shoot out for a few seconds. Any unplanned adventures are excluded, thanks to the thoughtful design and excellent aerodynamic characteristics of the model. FirePit Art guarantees complete control over the element of fire and maximum comfort while being in the bosom of nature. 

The company offers a wide range of designs and sizes of fire pits, executed at a high artistic level. All of them are calculated with scientific precision, to meet the requirements of customers with a variety of aesthetic preferences. The graceful silhouette of the fire pit can be decorated with an openwork ornament in the form of sea creatures or tropical scenes that are pleasant to look at dusk. The company also offers steel stands for firewood. They are comfortable and reliable during barbecues, picnics and friendly outdoor parties. Nature lovers can afford a good rest, surrounded by reliable and convenient equipment from the famous American manufacturer. Safety and comfort are now available at affordable prices. 


Fire Pit Art began its work in the distant and almost legendary year 1985. The world was riveted to TV screens – Back to the Future was an undeniable hit. The actors of the film by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg bathed in fame, meanwhile, artist and designer Rick Wittrig from Illinois set about creating his first fire pits for people who wanted to relax in the bosom of nature with maximum comfort and safety. Fire Pit Art products were addressed to both Hollywood stars and ordinary citizens. Years have passed, and we see that the stylish and functional fire pits of this brand became in demand far beyond the American continent. The product range is constantly updated with new designs and technical solutions. Rick Wittrig keeps creating.

Someone might like the fire pit in the form of a globe, in which the continents are patterns cut into the metal. The flames break through miniature Africa or Australia without causing an ecological disaster. Much like Italy's Mount Vesuvius, the fire pit of the same name is statuesque and created to burn. Nature and its elements are safe and even pleasant if one uses reliable devices from reputable brands. FirePit Art guarantees pleasure, safety and comfort for all those who miss ancient fires and pristine feelings. Reliable equipment of this brand is designed for decades of flawless service. Today, thousands of nature lovers around the world enjoy beautiful and functional Fire Pit Art products. Fire can be safe if it is curbed by the professional metallurgist.