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You can look at the flame forever. Many millennia ago, our ancestors tamed it, after which they significantly expanded their comfort zone. In the cave of primitive man, the source of the fire was always in the center of the interior. It gave life and brought misfortune if out of control. It was from the harnessed flame that man began his path to progress and the artificial reality that surrounds us today. In our genetic memory, water and fire will always be associated with the sources of life. Over time, people have improved the management of these two elements. For centuries, flames have melted metal and warmed bodies, softened food, and hardened steel. 

The fireplace has become a symbol of stability and comfort. It was a sign of wealth and aristocracy. The further a person plunges into a new reality, the more nostalgic he feels for traditional household items. The fireplace is one of those things. Modern humanity cannot afford to burn firewood in millions of skyscraper apartments. This is very expensive for the wallet and mother nature. But we can imitate flames, crackling logs, and even the aroma of a campfire. An artificial fireplace in the living room is quite affordable for most modern people. It heats no worse than natural analog, while it does not threaten to turn the whole house into coals, poison your lungs with carbon monoxide, or burn the skin. A quiet, friendly party around an electric fireplace will bring great pleasure. 

Domesca online store offers a wide range of safe, effective, and stylish models. On the product page, you will find all the necessary specifications: manufacturer's brand, weight and dimensions, style, design and shape, materials used, components included and special features. Please note that the materials from which our fireplaces are made are safe and reliable, meeting international quality and environmental requirements. Items with anti-tipping hardware restraints must be secured to the wall. Use the remote control to turn on and regulate the bliss of the hearth from the comfort of your sofa. 

An electric fireplace is an atmosphere of comfort for a cheerful company and efficient heating of a living room, dining room or home office. All of our household items are easy to assemble without outside help, additional skills and special tools. When choosing a model, consider the style, design and size so as not to disturb the harmony of your interior. Artificial stone in an assortment of shades and textures and precious woods in the finish will perfectly fit into the rustic or antique style of your home. We are ready to offer you high-quality options for modern and industrial interiors. Portable fireplaces with Isopropyl alcohol as fuel are at your disposal, which can be placed not only on the floor, but also on the table.

A modern electric fireplace uses energy-saving technologies that allow you to pay up to 90% less than gas heating. It combines functionality and aesthetic appeal to create multidimensional comfort that one can only dream of. The body of the product is made of durable metal, protecting the home from fire. Heating elements imitate glowing coals, which can be admired through tempered glass. Turn on the extra lights to make the flames sparkle with cheerful colors. It offers several heating modes, a timer, as well a remote control from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi. The outer surface does not heat up, so it can be used as a stand for TV, dishes, or figurines. You can find them in “Decorative Objects”, “Clocks and Mirrors” and other sections of the Domesca store.

An electric fireplace will fit perfectly in the living room, basement, office, and even a motor home. All you need is to choose the right model that matches the style of the interior. In our collection there are models lined with artificial stone, perfectly imitating classic medieval designs. The cladding made of expensive wood species looks great, giving a wide variety of textures. Modern models are framed in the heat-resistant metal of various shades and resemble ovens or braziers. This option is not only more economical but also more mobile. All our models are absolutely safe for children, animals, and the elderly. 

Good ventilation, as well as the absence of smoke and ash, makes an electric fireplace an ideal center of attraction for the whole family. Create a homely atmosphere not only in the parlor, but also in the man cave, home office and recreation room. It's simple and safe. Regardless of style, design or size, we guarantee the impeccable quality of our fireplaces and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Mirrors & Accents”, “Makeup Vanities”, “Bedroom Benches”, and other sections of the Domesca online store. Order high-quality and beautiful goods at any time of the day or night. We value the trust of our customers and offer only the best!