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A modern stylish interior can not be called one that has taken place completely without a well-thought-out lighting system. Light plays a huge role and can dramatically transform the room. That is why interior designers prefer a variety of multi-directional luminaires, not least of which is the track system. Although such lamps are still considered a novelty, they are quite actively gaining popularity. You can easily order them by contacting the online store Domesca, because the "Track Lighting '' section has everything you need, and even more.  Many commercially available models of different shapes and types, and a huge number of lighting designs will not leave out any even very original room.

Track lamps are characterized by a directed flow of light and therefore are most often used to focus attention on a particular object or detail. In the design of apartments, they are used to illuminate certain elements of the interior or decor. It is advantageous to use track lights in workshops to illuminate the work surface.  With their help, it is possible to divide premises into separate zones favorably. For example, separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room from the bedroom in case you have a studio apartment. Among the significant advantages of this solution are the following: high-quality and bright directional lighting; a universal style that harmoniously fits into almost any modern interior; the possibility of easy and free fastening on the surface and height necessary for you.

Track lighting systems are great for designs such as lofts and high-tech. The place of lamps in the house is chosen depending on the room: in the living room, for example, such lighting is mounted around the perimeter of the room. This installation allows you to highlight one area and reduce the emphasis on another. In the bedroom, track lighting is the best option to illuminate the surface of the dressing table or over the headboard, so you can comfortably read before going to bed. The establishment of tracks in the kitchen should be carried out over the work area so that you can move the lamps as you want. In the hallway, it can be placed in the center, and then direct the lamps in the right direction.

Tracks are mounted on the ceiling or walls. There are 2 types of them - built-in surface and overhead. Tires can be of different lengths and not necessarily straight - thanks to the flexible and rigid connections, you can assemble structures of complex shapes. Luminaires are installed on the tracks from which they receive power (which is why they got this name). They can also be very different - in style, materials, and characteristics of the light source. The most popular are the classic models made of black or white metal. Track lights are universal - they can be installed at home in almost any room, and they do not need high ceilings. Are you interested in buying such a device? At Domesca you will see what you will like at once, and you can order the necessary model with ease.

The lighting system, depending on the place of its installation, has special requirements. It should provide ideal conditions for the implementation of specific activities, work, and recreation. Recently, it has often been implemented using track lights. The devices are distinguished by ease of use, functionality, and maneuverability. The presence of a turntable makes it possible to change the angle of the luminous flux without changing the system's design. Track lights are usually used in shops or restaurants. But increasingly, these lighting systems are used in home interiors. The reason for this is not only practicality but also stylish design. Laconic designs look fashionable, modern, and spectacular, refreshing the atmosphere in the room. They are excellent for use in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, with them you can easily change the direction of the light rays at any time and create the right mood.

There are many options that are fully equipped and ready for installation. With them, you do not need to separately purchase additional components, accessories, etc. In addition, the system is easy to assemble on your own. To do this, you will need to responsibly select the necessary elements, taking into account your own preferences and taste. With this task, our specialists will be happy to help you and will provide you with quick feedback and answers to all your questions, and there may be many, especially regarding the choice of cold or warm track lights. It all depends on the type of room. If this is a study, kid's room, office space, or kitchen - preference should be given to cold light. In the case of equipping a bedroom or living room, it is better to focus on lamps with a warm glow. The final decision is often made based on individual preferences. A good choice is a system that supports the dimming function.

Track lights have the ability to adjust the direction of the light beam and can be moved along the desired area. We have variants for any budget. But, as a rule, cheap track lamps cannot adjust the angle of dispersion, so the direction of light always goes in the form of a beam of light. This fact must be taken into account when placing over the area that you want to illuminate. If you are satisfied with such lighting options, then we can additionally recommend using LED instead of incandescent lamps, they have a little more power compared to incandescent lamps and higher luminous flux, and as an additional advantage, they save energy. Loft-style track pendants are an exception to the rule because, in fact, they are simple lamps with shades, not spots. They have metal or glass shades and can reflect light and illuminate certain areas. Domesca brings to your attention track lights of different styles, shapes, and materials, so every customer will be able to please him- or herself with a new successful purchase.