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Even if we eliminate all the tyrants in the world, there will be one, silent and merciless, that will dictate its terms to us as long as we want to achieve something. This tyrant is Time. We voluntarily submit to it in our lives, realizing that this is the only way we can succeed. In almost every house, there is a discrete adjutant of Time, sternly pointing with its hands at the numbers around. This is a wall clock. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us," wrote J.R.R. Tolkien in The Fellowship of the Ring. The clock on the wall help to save time, the price of which is getting higher and higher. It streamlines the life of the whole family. It's hard to live without it. There is a time to work, there is a time to rest. The daily routine should be clear and comfortable. That is why everyone needs a wall clock.

The Domesca catalog contains a large assortment of wall clocks designed for different rooms and styles. The appearance of this item for home plays no less a role than functionality. You should not peer into it, trying to find out the exact time. Every glance at the wall clock should bring visible pleasure. We do not discuss the precision of clockwork, since all the models presented here are made to meet high-quality standards. The hands and numbers on the dial should be clear and beautiful, regardless of the design. This rule is also observed in our wall clocks. The dial designs amaze with a variety of subjects and creative finds. Mechanical, quartz or atomic, ticking or silent, light or solid models are available. Wall clock cases are made of different materials. 

Fans of the classical style will like the model in a handsome wooden case, with a pendulum and chimes. Such wall clocks can be mechanical or battery-powered. Choose the shape of the pendulum and body, as well as functionality: night mode, volume control, melodies, and automatic turning off of the chimes at night. Any of our models can be a great birthday present. How do you like a rustic and farmhouse wall clock, or one shaped like a windmill? Some models are exquisite silhouettes of hands and numbers, on round, square, or oval dials. In the dark, they flicker with a mysterious light, reminding us that the fourth dimension does not sleep at night. Children will love the hands and numbers in the form of funny figures, and quickly understand why adults value every minute.

You can choose a dial with Latin or Arabic numerals, analog or electronic clocks, as well as colors that match your style and mood. All our models are lightweight and securely mounted on the wall. Use them in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, home office, and dining room. Wall clocks are indispensable in restaurants, cafés, schools, hospitals, hotels, and official institutions. In some places, thousands of people synchronize the rhythm of their lives with them every day. Beautiful home furnishings enliven any interior and bring an element of certainty into it. When you know what time it is, life becomes calm and easy. Find a place for quality and elegant wall clocks in your interior. Order our products at any time. We guarantee a prompt and safe delivery to any location.

It so happened that the wall-mounted time measuring device has become a favorite object of experimentation for designers. Modern models in the Domesca online catalog amaze with a variety of shapes, materials, and colors. At the same time, when choosing a wall clock, you should pay attention to both decorative and sound design. Choose a quartz model or buy a mechanical one - it's up to you. Both of these options have their pros and cons. Quartz variants do not need to be wound, they are easier to use and more accurate. In the diversity of wall clocks with quartz movement, you are sure to find something interesting. But a mechanical clock will fit more organically into a chic environment. The details of such models are made of metal, so the mechanism lasts longer. Maintenance costs are minimal, and the effect of a mechanical clock as a status item is maintained all the time while it is hanging on the wall. Such models fit into both classical and modern styles.

Before buying a wall clock in our online store, ask yourself why you need it.  If you are looking for an interesting design solution that will become an interior accent, you should pay attention to unusual models (for example, with an invisible dial or a non-standard shape).  But it should be borne in mind that it is sometimes problematic to use such clocks precisely because of their unusualness, minimalism, or other specifics. If it is important for you that the wall clock performs different roles, pay attention to the functionality. Some models can be used as alarm clocks, radios, barometers, etc. Due attention should be on the material.  Wall clock materials are extremely diverse. The body is made of wood, metal, glass, or plastic. The dial is made of wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, paper, and film. The choice of the optimal design is purely a matter of taste.  Models that do not have a single body are relevant for more modern interiors. A bright clock will add a good mood to a kid's room or living room. A strict color scheme is suitable for the bedroom. 

Before buying a wall clock, the first thing everyone pays attention to is the external design. Design features are noted by us as the last selection criterion. But this question is often the key for the buyer. Moreover, there are a lot of options for the execution of wall clocks in Domesca. It should also be remembered that large wall clocks will look too massive in a room that is overloaded with small decorative details. While in an empty and spacious room, a large clock will look chic. A strict color scheme is suitable for the bedroom. Wall clocks of non-standard forms and design solutions are now becoming especially popular. If you want to surprise your guests, they are your option! Even if you are not completely sure about your desires regarding the purchase of a wall clock, be sure that only when you look at some model at Domesca, you will immediately understand that this is what you need.