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Despite the rapid development of digital technologies, books remain an indispensable way to get new information or just have a good time. There are many devoted fans of paper editions, and if you are one of them, and you have a problem with where to put your collections of books, Domesсa will be happy to help you with your decision. In the section "Bookcases & Bookshelves" there are many cabinets, and shelves, among which you can choose the option that suits the size, design, and capacity of your space. You can easily find well-designed book storage systems that will allow you to emphasize the chosen style of your home library. 

Any shelves or bookcases can be entered into the interior, and it will sparkle with new colors. Each lover of reading will be able to choose a bookcase that meets all his or her requirements. There is a huge variety of them, ranging from compact open models without glazing to largely closed cabinets with it. The first option is perfect for a not so big room. Shelves do not look massive and do not visually reduce the already small area. Plus, on the shelves, you can store not only books but also various decor items and interior decorations. In the second case, the cabinet protects the books from dust and sunlight, neither mold nor moisture will spoil them. 

It is worth recalling that moisture and dust that are absorbed into the paper can later have a detrimental effect on your health. All options of bookcases are good, but personal preferences will help you choose the perfect model. You might like the S-shape design, which makes the bookshelf a work of art. Four tiers are designed to store various items, including decorative objects. Place on the bottom what is heavier and not used too often. Plants can be placed on any shelf, but it is best to grow somewhere in the middle to get the maximum amount of sunlight. Your beloved collections will look good on an art bookshelf placed in the living room or hallway. 

An elegant and durable bookcase in the office will serve as an ideal organizer for many items that you use. Please note that models made of waterproof chipboard and a metal frame not only increase the service life, but are also quite suitable for outdoor premises. A crossbar at the bottom of each shelf increases the load-bearing capacity. The non-slip feet protect the floor from scratches and keep the bookshelf stable on uneven floors. The choice of material for shelves and bookcases is as large and important as the choice of design. On the product page you will find information about the materials and technologies used, the design, shade and style of the bookshelf or bookcase.

The most common and practical are products made of wood and materials based on it. This option is environmentally friendly and safe for human health. During the production, wood is treated with special substances that protect the material from negative external factors and contribute to an increase in the life of the furniture. Glass is another very popular option in the Domesca online store. Modern technologies make it possible to produce very durable glass that can withstand the heavyweight of books. In addition, bookshelves and bookcases made of this material are resistant to deformations. A simpler solution is metal or plastic. Finishing and coating such surfaces with a matte, glossy or transparent effect allow expanding color and design solutions.

Pay attention to models with adjustable shelves. You don't need to buy a new bookshelf if its purpose has changed. In order for a large decorative item to fit on the shelf without any problems, move it lower and lift the top one higher. The metal bookshelf rack will perfectly fit into the modern and industrial style of the interior. This folding piece of furniture can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or studio room without fear of rust or dust. Book racks make the room airy and spacious. The design of such models can offer a narrowing of the structure upwards and exquisite metal wire patterns. All our models are easy to assemble without additional tools and skills.

The Domesca online store has a large assortment of bookshelves and bookcases. Their shapes and color palette are really impressive. Floor shelves that are suitable for large living rooms and studio apartments; wall models that are mounted in any position and look original in any form; modular options that can be rotated, and swapped; transformer shelves, and many others. You can choose bookcases that will match the overall color scheme of the room, or vice versa, to make bookshelves a contrasting accent to the living room. It is necessary to pay attention to the artistic expressiveness of the furniture and decoration, which is considered important in the stylistic design of the room. Whatever decision you make, be sure that with us, you will be able to competently and aesthetically equip your home.