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A bathroom in a modern apartment has helped humanity get rid of many contagious diseases. If your distant ancestors were in the twenty-first century and visited your home, they would be surprised at the presence of a bath and fresh air in the rooms. And some of them would be surprised by the clean skin and neat hair of a modern person. Since the time of Ancient Rome, the bath has been the most important attribute of a civilized society. It is not only pleasant, but also good for health. We do not discuss political events here, as the ancient Romans did, but we still wash off the dirt. In this special room, we will need a lot of useful things. Don't let them lie anywhere and anyhow. 

If you have already decided to adhere to the rules of hygiene, approach this issue fundamentally. To make the right choice, carefully read the description of the model. The required specifications are on the product page: brand of the manufacturer, weight of the item, assembled and packed dimensions, type of finish, style, shape and design, materials used, number of compartments in the bathroom storage, step-by-step instructions, included components and special features. Please note that all materials are safe for health and environmentally friendly, in full compliance with international quality and emission standards.

Bathroom furniture is traditionally compact and moisture resistant. In the bathroom, you will need various useful items that are best kept dry. That is why the most appropriate materials for this room are nickel and plastic. Wooden cabinets and shelves are much less suitable, however, such options can also be purchased from the Domesca online store. So, you have to have several rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, towels for each family member, as well as soap, shampoo and other skin, teeth and hair care products. The more you do for your beauty, the more tiers the storage unit will take up for the bath. Buy it with spare space if you are not indifferent to the latest in the beauty industry. 

The best option for bathroom storage furniture is a combination of open shelves and drawers. Also take a look at other features of the proposed models. Some of them are versatile and will look great in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the home office. Good resistance to moisture will allow the use of bathroom storage in outdoor areas. All our models are easy to assemble, without outside help, additional tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions included in the kit if you don't understand something. Buying storage together with other pieces of furniture, you will maintain the unity of style in the bathroom and other rooms.

We would like to bring to your attention a very convenient space saver for the toilet. This piece of furniture has a place for a drain tank, as well as shelves for toiletries. A standard metal or wooden frame will fit perfectly into the area intended for it, without interfering to the toilet purposes. The design includes a section with wooden doors where you can store toilet paper and other wet items. This and other pieces of furniture are easily and quickly assembled using fasteners and user instructions. By the way, if a toilet paper roll is too large for a space saver cabinet, use a special plastic canister designed for this purpose. 

It can be placed in the toilet or in some adjacent room and also be used to store other delicate items. Our catalog contains a wide range of elegant and reliable cabinets for towels and linen. You will appreciate the open shelves from which you can take toiletries, looking at them out of the corner of your eye, as well as the combo of open and closed departments. Very convenient universal shelf racks made of light metal are placed not only in the bathroom. Lovers of orderly space will definitely like the organizer with drawers, where you can store everything you need for personal and general hygiene. 

Also, plastic and wicker containers, wire holders for towels and toilet paper, scrubbers and other useful items for the home are at your service. Don't forget to visit the “Bathroom Furniture” category of the Domesca online store. There are many interesting finds waiting for you. Regardless of the price, style and design, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each model purchased from us and prompt delivery to any location. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Comfort in the bathroom depends on the proper organization of space. Creating harmony in your home is easy if you are in the right place.