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Pillows + Throws

The Pillows & Throws section has placed the highest quality goods that will ensure your coziness and comfort. Thick and durable blankets can be not only a guarantee of warmth but also an accent in your room that attracts the attention of guests. We know how difficult it is sometimes to understand exactly how to choose the right element of decor, and how to do it with taste and at affordable prices. That is why Domesca invites you to take a look at a variety of new items, choose the right color and material, and find the throw and pillow of your dreams.

Throws are different: acrylic, fleece, viscose, wool, cotton, and others. With such an abundance of choices, it's easy to get lost, but Domesсa knows how to help you. First, you need to decide for what purpose you need a blanket. For home and decor? Then synthetic materials are perfect for you. Acrylic blankets are very durable and resistant to fading in the sun, and they are also a great option for allergy sufferers, as acrylic weakly attracts dust. Our products made of viscose are distinguished by their brightness, and practically don’t electrify, so they can safely cover you on long cold evenings.

Domesca also has blankets for those who love to travel. On the road, it is always nice to have a soft, compact blanket on hand that doesn’t wrinkle. Our fleece items will accompany you through the happiest moments of your voyage and keep you comfortable even when away from home. These throws are very practical, UV-resistant, and dry instantly, so they are perfect for walking with children. Blankets from Domesca will help you get around unpleasant situations and keep your trip amazing.

Pillow is an important interior element that not only decorates the room but also sets the style for your space, emphasizing its colors. Domesca has prints that everyone will love. Floral, animalistic, abstract, solid - everything for you and your home. A little tip: when choosing the color of the pillow, pay attention to its combination with the walls, sofa, and curtains. Having picked up a harmonious mix, you will see how your room has changed without much effort. Don't be afraid to experiment with the number and shape of pillows!

Recently, good homeowners have also been paying a lot of attention to their yards. By putting the finishing touches on the exterior, you also get the opportunity to create a new style every season, according to changes in your taste. Outdoor cushions from Domesca are weather resistant and will serve you for a long time. Our task is to provide you with everything necessary for a pleasant pastime, making it as comfortable as possible. Soft pillows will support your back during long gatherings in the yard, so you can calmly chat with your family and friends for hours.

Do you want to protect your sofa from dust and dirt? Do you want to change the look of a room without spending money on new furniture? Our range of slipcovers will satisfy your desires and wishes. Products from mild suede, pure cotton, elastic knitwear - all these are already waiting for you at Domesca. The soft, wrinkled texture of the quilt is perfect for pet owners, as you can easily remove the fur from the cover without wasting a lot of time and effort. All items are machine washable and remain delicate without fading. 

We provide unique products for daily use, we pay attention to each client, taking care of your preferences. Having looked through the pages of the Pillows & Throws section, you will find what you have been looking for so long, in different colors, sizes, and materials. High-quality, aesthetic, and pleasant-to-the-touch things will please you for many years. From sofa covers to warm blankets that you can take anywhere. Adding comfort and style to your life is easy if you do it with Domesca.