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A properly and successfully selected lighting will make the interior of the room harmonious and complete. When looking for suitable models, you can focus on the size and purpose of the room, but first of all, you should choose the general style that prevails in its design. You can’t just take and buy the first chandelier you like if it doesn’t harmonize the furniture and decoration. But if you have decided on a stylistic theme, it is much easier to work within its question. If you have chosen Domesca for a responsible mission to furnish the home, you have already taken a big step. Indeed, in the “Semi-Flush Mount Lighting'' section, we have collected a huge number of various models, among which there will definitely be something that suits you.

There are dozens of stylistic trends, but they all fall into four basic groups. The first one is classical or traditional. This category includes Baroque, Empire, Rococo, Romanesque and Victorian styles, and classicism. Common characteristics of these areas are high-quality materials and spectacular respectable design. In our online store, you will find products that will fit perfectly into the interior of a living room or dining room decorated in a classic style. This is one of the coziest and most comfortable living styles. In such interiors, there is always comfortable furniture with a lot of carved elements or ornaments, there is a hint of the measured life and the old days. Here is the lighting in the classical style - there are always a lot of decorations, and small details made of non-ferrous metals or crystals. 

Modern is one of the most extensive categories, incorporating the features of many modern and traditional styles. Modern semi-flush mounted lamps are characterized by smooth intricate curves, bizarre shapes, and multi-level, unexpected combinations of materials and colors. Modern style is characterized by functionality, bold shapes, and unexpected combinations of materials and colors. Country-style lightings also bring comfort - pastel shades, white matte metal, decor in the form of flowers and tree leaves in shades and much more will bring interesting accents to your home. They are distinguished by simple shapes, and laconic color schemes, which allow them to harmoniously fit into various interiors.

High technologies call for organization and strategy, and the high-tech style itself is quite demanding on those who want to have such an interior. Everything in it says that ultra-modern people live in this house, adherents of usefulness, practicality, and functionality.  And one of the most durable materials is metal, so there is so much of its cold shine here. But high technology implies exclusivity, so high-tech mounted lighting always has an unusual shape and consists of complex elements. Keep in mind the direction of the light fluxes. This factor plays an important role in shaping a harmonious interior and creating the right atmosphere. Choose plafonds, the light which will be directed upwards visually raises the ceiling. In our product range, you will find the best semi-flush mounted lighting that will enrich your home with sophistication and chic.

Good light is the key to a comfortable space. Without it, a person will be uncomfortable in the room. Properly designed lighting allows you to zone the area, expand the room, reduce it, and make it visually taller or longer. Light sources have long ceased to be just a necessity. This is part of the interior, creating comfort, coziness, and integrity in the space. When choosing fixtures and lamps, it is necessary to pay special attention to design, otherwise, even a high-quality expensive chandelier may simply not merge into the overall concept of the room. At first glance, choosing a lamp seems like a trifling task that does not require any effort at all. What could be easier than buying an excellent semi-flush mount lighting that fits well into the interior of the room?  And yet, quite often, due to the wrong choice of lighting, we often get displeasure from the acquisition. Together with Domesca, you can relax, because our experts will help you as best and as quickly as possible to decide on a purchase that will delight you for years.

In addition to physical health, quality lighting improves emotional health. A large amount of light adds strength, energy, and uplifting. Bright light from semi-flush mount lamps is good for high mental activity, and suitable for office or study decoration. Soft light relaxes and disposes of a quiet pastime. The level of illumination plays an important role in the design of the space. You need to use different types of fixtures to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition to the above points, high-quality lighting affects your productivity. Competent selection of light can increase concentration at work, reduce the risk of making mistakes, and increase concentration. Therefore, the semi-flush mount lighting models located in the online catalog of our store can be used not only for homes but also for offices. The friendly Domesca team will help you choose the right light sources and decorate the space. Thanks to our wide range, you will definitely not be left without a purchase.

The choice of the lamp directly depends on the style of your room. For example, the Provence style involves the use of semi-flush mount lighting. The room should create a feeling of coziness and warmth, so small attractive lamps are used. Preference is given to materials of natural color. The light should not draw attention to itself, so Provence-style lamps look simple but chic at the same time. Small shades with decorative elements, such as flower patterns or geometry, look especially good. This is a French style, based on simplicity and elegance. Or do you have a house in the loft style that has gained popularity in recent years? It impresses with its freedom, but at the same time with harmony and conciseness. This is a style in which you can conduct various experiments. Bulky lamps with rough shapes look good in the loft style. At the Domesca online store, you can buy these and other models of semi-flush mount lamps today!