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Baby + Kids

It is no secret that kids need special care and attitude. And giving them what they want and what they need is not the granting of whims, but respect for your children. That is why in the Baby + Kids section we have placed furniture that both children and their parents will like. The most high-quality and comfortable elements of the room will serve you and retain their functionality for years. Take a look at the pages of this section and we promise to meet your expectations.

Instilling in kids a love of reading is one thing, but finding a place where all the books will fit is quite another. Domesca’s bookcases hold huge collections of editions and leave space for other little pleasant things. The appearance of the entire range is modern and stylish, so the furniture will remain with your kids even at a more mature age. We will find the perfect ergonomic option for you, regardless of the size of your room, because we want to make sure we give your children the very best.

The right combination of material, color, and size of furniture in the nursery is the key to the comfort of children and the confidence of parents. The bed must meet all standards since it is the place where children spend a lot of time. Our novelties made of natural pine are not only environmentally friendly, but also moisture resistant, so if your child spills something on the bed, it will not affect it at all. It’s also worth adding that pine products are not susceptible to the formation of mold and fungi. So the health of your children is protected.

The MDF bed is a strong and reliable construction, with long service life. And if you imagine such a bed in the form of a fire truck, then the doubts about the purchase will disappear immediately. This is not only a peace of mind for you because MDF is resistant to mechanical and temperature influences. It's also a pleasure for the younger ones because such an interesting shape will delight them every day. And if you show your kid the LED headlights of such a “car”, he/she will be extremely grateful to you.

Deciding on the color of furniture is not easy, and with furniture for the nursery even more difficult. Therefore, Domesca is here to help you with this important question. The green color in the interior has a beneficial effect on the mental well-being of the child and increases his/her concentration. By opting for a neutral gray color, you will help your kid relieve stress and fatigue. And in order to make the room more fun, you can add bright pillows and rugs. On the Domesca website, you’ll find everything for the perfect organization of the room.

If you have a small space, then the white color will help you visually enlarge the room. And boxspring beds with bottom drawers will solve your problem of where to put all the necessary things that do not fit in ordinary chests of drawers. In addition, high beds protect from cold and drafts emanating from the floor. Therefore, by choosing such a design for your kids, you provide them with additional health care. Comfortable spring pocket mattresses are included, so you don't have to waste time looking for the right model.

The decor in the kids’ room on our website will help create a magical and unique atmosphere for your children. We will help to fill the intended design, following all the requirements of safety, which is always first of all. The room also must meet all the requirements, interests, and needs, because basically, here the baby will learn about this world. And understanding the importance of the interior of the children's room, Domesca took into account every detail and offers you everything to make your kid’s first personal apartments comfortable and cozy.