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Imagine how you get together with the whole family at the end of the working day, serve food, and share impressions from past events. All your close people are nearby, and therefore you need to know that they feel comfortable. But be sure that by visiting the "Dining Tables" section at Domesca, you will be 100% calm by knowing that you have provided comfort for yourself, your family, and friends. We paid due attention to the decorative qualities of the table, its strength, durability, and ease of care. All you need to buy the perfect model is to decide on the style of the kitchen, measure the parameters of the room and take into account the number of people living in the apartment. We are convinced that combining all the points in one product is possible, and we are ready to prove it to you.

The first important criterion is the size of the dining table. Ideally, all family members, including small children, should be freely placed behind it. Choose for the future, because it is impossible to predict the exact number of guests. Another topical question about the kitchen table is which shape is better. The most common tables are square, rectangular, round, and oval tops. The first two options allow you to move furniture to the wall, saving space as much as possible. But models with rounded corners create a relaxed atmosphere and add a special coziness. Unfortunately, the area allotted for the dining area does not always allow you to purchase a table of the right size. For such cases, Domesca has placed in its catalog of products transformer models of various types, which are laid out when you need it.

The appearance of the table, its durability, and how it fits into the interior of the kitchen depend on the material. Glass models have a modern design, thanks to which they look harmoniously in a high-tech interior.  Wood tables are strong, environmentally friendly, and look presentable. Using various types of wood and protective coatings, manufacturers create spectacular products with carvings, voluminous figures, and elegant textures. This is the perfect option for a classic style. MDF dining tables are very reliable and, with proper care, can last you a whole decade. MDF and laminated chipboard furniture is not the most trendy, but it has several advantages: good price, relatively lightweight, and a wide range of design solutions.

Sometimes, when choosing a dining table, the importance of the number of legs under the table is underestimated, although this parameter is no less important than the shape or size of the furniture. One leg as central support is a very comfortable and stable option. The Domesca online store has many options with unusual geometric components that will surprise your guests and add a bright accent to the kitchen. If you do not want to risk with 2-3 table legs, you can always buy the classic 4-legs version, the convenience of which has been tested for years. At first glance, the choice of a dining table seems to be a daunting task, but in fact, everything is much easier. After all, with the help of Domesca, the search for any furniture and decor will turn into a pleasure.

Today, dining tables in our catalog are mainly square, rectangular, round, and oval, although some designer collections also contain very interesting options for unusual shapes. The rectangular option is very convenient, it can be easily placed against the wall or pushed into the center of the kitchen. Moreover, there is a lot of folding, sliding models, and transforming tables, which can be easily turned from a compact dining table into a place for a real holiday for a dozen people. Square tables are one of the most spacious.  In addition, they save space well, so they are suitable for small kitchens. Being in the corner, they will be a great option for a family of two. Speaking about shapes, it is worth recalling that a round table will make the interior of the kitchen more interesting, and the space itself will be safer for children because there are no corners here. 

If you have to choose a table for the kitchen based not on personal preferences, but on the size of the room, Domesca has some great options for you. For a small kitchen, the best option is a semicircular table, where one side is a straight line that is close to the wall. A small round table is a great choice for a small family, which usually does not use the corners of the table for serving in everyday life, which means that it becomes possible to save space in the kitchen. For the smallest kitchens, a folding table can be advised. As a rule, chairs are used along with such options, which can also be folded or stacked on top of each other. Transforming dining tables - a pick invented just for small rooms. A compact, at first glance, table can be turned into a huge installation thanks to special unfolding and extension mechanisms. If guests suddenly come, then there will be no problems with their landing.

For those who are lucky to have a spacious kitchen, we have also prepared a lot of products. Long rectangular and oval tables are perfect for you, which will be complemented by matching chairs. For medium-sized kitchens, tables of any shape are suitable, and their location will depend on the location of other pieces of furniture. If your kitchen is decorated in a loft style, a metal table is the best choice. Brass, steel, or zinc also ensures the strength and durability of the table. However, it is worth remembering that the metal also requires special cleaning products due to the shiny surface that is subject to frequent staining. For a high-tech room, you can choose a tempered glass table at Domesca. Furniture made of this material is usually affordable, very durable, and resistant to moisture, which will help you avoid unwanted expenses in the future. We care about your comfort, so we provide only the most profitable and high-quality offers.