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Working in the office, a person spends an average of 8-9 hours in his or her armchair, only occasionally getting up to stretch or go out for a lunch break. And therefore, to reduce the load on the back, the seat must be as comfortable as possible. In the section "Office Chairs" you can find those models that will help you avoid various pains with spasms and circulatory disorders. The best options will increase your productivity, or the productivity of other employees, and make the waiting time for your office visitors more pleasant. This is the key to good health and work activity! But before that, we recommend you familiarize yourself with some essential points on which you will successfully make a long-term choice.

First, you need to understand what technical parameters a comfortable seat should have. All the necessary characteristics are indicated on the product page. Here you will find manufacturer's brand, intended use (indoor or outdoor), form factor, materials used, age range, furniture finish, recommended maximum weight, product weight and dimensions, included components and special features. Our models are made of safe and durable materials, in full compliance with international quality and environmental standards. An office chair designed for outdoor use must be resistant to moisture, dirt, UV rays, extreme temperature changes, wind, snow and insects.

Pay attention to the presence or absence of a synchro mechanism that automatically changes the angle of the seat with a transformation in the angle of the backrest, under the influence of the user's weight. All this provides unloading of the spine, and it is much more convenient to sit on chairs with such a mechanism. The next on the list is the height of the chair. It should make it possible to raise the seat so that the legs remain bent at a right angle at the knees. A too low or too high chair doesn't allow you to properly distribute the weight along the spine, which can cause pain. The seat itself should ideally not be very deep, and not very soft. A good option at Domesca is a spacious model that reduces your fatigue.

The upholstery of the chair also plays an important role in comfort. The Domesca online store provides a wide range of materials, among which there is an option for customers with different desires. Office chairs covered with eco-leather have a presentable appearance, high wear resistance, and durability. Eco-leather retains an attractive appearance even under the scorching sun and during temperature changes. Microfiber is a synthetic texture that is often replaced with artificial leather. The advantage of this material is water resistance and air conduction. Microfiber has excellent aesthetic characteristics and will serve you for many years.

Modern office chairs are sold stripped down into sections, ready for quick assembly. There are quite a lot of details in each model – we will make sure that each of them is present in the set you purchased in the Domesca online store. Office chairs are easy to assemble, without outside help, additional tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions included in the kit if you can't understand something intuitively. Find your perfect position with the seat adjustment system of the big boss chair, cable operated and raised headrest. You can purchase an office chair complete with other furniture to keep the style unity.

Here you can also buy armchairs made of acrylic mesh. Such a fabric fits the back well, has a high degree of wear resistance, is not subject to fading, or pollution, repels water with dust, and is easy to care for. The main points have been clarified, and now you can think about the design of the chair. It must match the room in which it will stand to create a coherent composition. Modern is a sought-after style that combines new solutions and classic features, creating a unique, original design. Its characteristic qualities include a beige-brown palette, natural materials, smooth lines, and stylish patterns. 

For office space in a minimalist or high-tech style, options with smooth upholstery without a neutral tone way are suitable. The maximum functionality of the chair is explained by the need for competent organization of space, and at the Domesca online store, you will find a multifunctional option and fall in love with one or even several chair models. Regardless of style, design and cost, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Console Tables”, “Shoe Storage”, “Filing Cabinets”, and other categories in our catalog. Order high-quality office chairs at any time of the day or night.