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A modern security lighting system is a complex technical and optical system that must take into account many parameters. After all, this type of lighting should not only scare away uninvited guests, but also be economical, leave no “blind spots”, hide the location of the guard, as well as its movement, and of course, create an opportunity to identify perimeter violators. In addition, such a parameter as profitability depends on the accurate and competent design and installation of a security lighting system. Flood lights remain one of the most popular types of lighting fixtures for country houses and plots.  Most often they are used for decorative lighting or as security lighting. Domesca offers you a wide range of modes that guarantees your safety and peace of mind in your area.

An important step in the selection is to decide on the type of light source. Spotlights can be LED, halogen, or metal halide. Each option has its own advantages. The first and most modern option is LED devices. Among the advantages of such devices we have: low power consumption; long service life (over 50 thousand hours); vibration resistance; can be used at temperatures from -30 to +40°C (there are models with an even larger range). The second most popular are halogen lamps. Their advantage is low price and high color rendering. Next on the list are metal halide spotlights for lighting. Inside such devices, a gas discharge lamp is installed, which has a high light output. Metal halide lamps have a bright cold glow, which is suitable for a construction site or for an area where you need to take care of good lighting.  Another advantage of choosing this option is high reliability and resistance to voltage drops.

When choosing a security lighting system or flood lights, pay attention to some nuances. Flood lights can be stationary or mobile. In the latter case, the device has a movable mount and a handle, which is convenient for moving from place to place. They must be protected from moisture and dust as much as possible. Only such models are available at the Domesca online store. We would also like to add that if you decide to hang a flood light to illuminate the area, be sure to install it under the roof peak or another type of protection. In this case, you will additionally protect the base from precipitation and wind, which are the main dangers. Some of our devices run on batteries. We recommend choosing this option if you need temporary protection of the territory or there are cases of power outages on the site.

Not so long ago, security lighting performed only a visual, lighting function. Now such lamps have a new purpose, more complex. In connection with this development of technology, luminaires must take into account not only the need to illuminate the area but also the need to adjust the lighting according to the characteristics of the security camera used. When calculating security lighting, also consider the level of contrast between the subject and the background. The more the intruder differs from the background of the protected area, the easier it will be to detect, so the lighting system should be set up as efficiently as possible. Do not forget about the sensitivity of the cameras: if the light is not positioned correctly, the video camera may not notice the approaching criminal. But do not worry, together with Domesca’s models you and your territory will be safe because we are responsible for this task.

Making the right lighting, taking into account all the nuances indoors, is not an easy task.  What then to say about the outside? In order to qualitatively illuminate and secure the site of a country house or cottage, you need to take into account many factors. But when you get the necessary comfort and safety, you will realize that it was worth the time! Lamps at the main entrance to the house are a must-have: for convenience, safety, and aesthetics. It is better to combine the main source of light at the entrance, like a chandelier, and additional ones - spotlights or large wall lamps around the perimeter. It is necessary to place such lamps, starting from the architecture of the house and ease of use. It would not be superfluous to equip them with motion sensors, as well as choose those that accumulate solar energy during the day and shine at the expense of it at night.

Security and flood lighting involve the installation of individual lighting components that react to movement near them. This means that the light will turn on in response to the reaction of the sensor, which in most cases scares strangers. These street lamps for the country are considered the most convenient. The main thing is to install them so that they fix all approaches to the entrance, without the smallest "dead zones". Security lighting can also be used to illuminate residential buildings, which is even more convenient because you don't have to turn the lights on and off manually every time. Such models of street lighting for summer cottages work for several minutes. Most often, manufacturers offer the ability to adjust the glow time, depending on the requirements of the user. They are easy to install, and have high luminous efficiency, at Domesca they are available in a variety of colors and designs. There are also mobile portable models.

Going on vacation, everyone is concerned about the safety in the house. No one wants their home to be broken into by robbers or flooded. For a relaxing holiday without unnecessary negative thoughts, you need to take care of this in advance. Lighting the outside of your home is very important, especially if your yard is obscured by shrubs and other objects. You don't have to spend a lot of money on such lights. Efficient downlights will do all the necessary work. Lights with motion sensors are also quite popular because they turn on at the slightest movement. In our online store, you can also purchase such lamps that work on the human body. Don't neglect outdoor lighting. Install our lights with motion sensors in the yard. Suddenly turned on the lighting and the thief will scare you away, and you will be signaled about uninvited guests. Ensure the safety of your area with Domesca!