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Which rooms are more difficult to arrange – small or large? The correct answer is that a space of any extent has its complexities. You must arrange many household items and decorative objects in a large room. The smaller the room, the fewer pieces will fit into it. But there is a necessary minimum that must fall into living space, so the furniture here is more compact and seems to be squeezed into the wall. Lighting fixtures also have special requirements. Models recessed into the wall or ceiling are best suited for small rooms. Flush mount lighting is used for medium-sized spaces. Unlike recessed equipment, it spreads more rays in different directions and covers a wider area. Flush mounting lighting is presented in a large assortment in the Domesca catalog.

All our models are made using modern technologies by the best world brands. Durable and user-friendly materials are absolutely safe for people and do not lead to conflagration. A fresh and elegant brushed nickel luminous disc will take its rightful place in the bedroom or bathroom, as well as in any aisle between rooms. The etched glass diffuser creates a soft, muted glow. This model is suitable for any modern interior where comfort is appreciated. Any type of light bulb is used – LED, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lamps – for flush-mounted lighting. Dimmable options are also suitable. Use beautiful and practical lampshades wherever there is a need for compact and efficient lighting. Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs.

Flush mount lighting is most appropriate in the hallway and main hallway, where there is usually little room for bulky equipment and furniture. The oiled bronze finish brings a special charm to the transitional space, combined with the weathered effect applied to the glass shades. This option corresponds to the famous rustic design, which has gained great popularity in Europe and the United States. Seeded glass lampshades create a wonderful glow that generates a romantic mood in the home. Adjust the brightness with a compatible dimmer to model the perfect atmosphere. Changing bulbs regularly is a thing of the past if you use LEDs in flush mount lighting. These bulbs are designed for a service life of up to 30,000 hours, that is, 13 years with daily work of 6 hours a day. 

The product page shows the functions and parameters of the model: style and type of fixture, weight, material and color of the shade, type of attachment, type of light source, power, voltage, number of units, included components, special functions (adjustable brightness, for example), as well as purpose and batteries included. With their help, you will make the right choice that matches your interior and mood. If you have any questions, Domeska's experts will be happy to answer them. The models we offer are easy to assemble and do not require special tools. Use the step-by-step instructions included with the product. The round shape for flush mount lighting is very common and comes in a variety of designs and technical solutions.

Pay attention to acrylic diffusers, presented in some models of flush mount lighting. They have hidden eccentric latches, making it easy to remove for comfortable maintenance. The product page lists the range of brightness and color temperature. These two indicators are very important for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the home. For normal lighting, you need a color brightness of 4000 lumens. Mounting hardware is usually included with the product. If your outlet and voltage do not match the parameters presented in the model you have chosen, you should purchase an adapter and converter. Special requirements are placed on lighting equipment operating in outdoor areas and in places with difficult conditions. It must be resistant to moisture, dirt, sand, fumes and sudden changes in temperature.

The universal flush mount lighting deserves special attention. The simple geometric design will fit perfectly in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, office, bedroom, pantry, hallway, attic, closet, utility and living spaces. It is intended for new designs, remodels or retrofit installations. Create a cozy home with this X-bracket ceiling light, reminiscent of rustic barn doors and rustic farmhouse gates. The frame covered in an antique bronze finish, accented with a black plate on top of the structure, gives the ceiling lighting a charming country character. Regardless of the style, materials and technologies used, we guarantee the exclusive quality of every model of flush mount lighting and prompt delivery to any location. The Domesca online store appreciates the trust of its customers, therefore it offers home items from the world’s best brands, for every taste and purpose.

Depending on the type of room and style, different designs will suit you. Notice the ceiling light with a faux wood metal finish and a glass dome with “water ripples''. This option corresponds to the Farmhouse style. The contemporary semi-flush mount ceiling light can include up to 20 halogen bulbs and also be placed vertically, on the wall, adding originality to the interior of the living room, dining room, office, café, or foyer. The “Flush Mount Lighting'' category also includes a variety of chandeliers, as well as models in the form of a multi-pointed star or lotus, and so on. Other sections of the Domesca online store – “Lighting”, “Furniture and Decor” and” Home Remodeling” – await your visit. Our catalog is available on PC and smartphone at any time of the day or night.