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Domesca online store offers lovers of the beautiful life a large collection of outdoor wall lighting. These beautiful and practical items will help create additional comfort for you and your loved ones. Outdoor lighting is designed to work in patios, balconies, garages, and any unroofed transitional spaces. Special requirements are imposed on lighting devices of this type. They must be resistant to moisture, wind, sand, sudden changes in temperature, and insects. We offer reliable and durable outdoor wall lighting that fully meets these requirements. The Domesca catalog presents a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs for quality work in all weather conditions. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

The choice of reliable equipment begins with the study of the parameters presented on the product page. If you have already decided on the purpose, pay attention to the power source and the format of the lighting fixture base. It is very important that the outlet and voltage correspond to those in your home, otherwise, you will have to use an adapter or converter. The model can be wired or wireless, and the choice of case material depends on the aesthetic preferences of the client and the style of their home. Please note additional outdoor wall lighting specifications: manufacturer brand, installation type, finish type, product weight, shade material, dimensions, number of lights and units per set, maximum compatible wattage, assembled height, and so on.

We have made sure that all outdoor wall-mounted devices presented in our catalog are harmless to health and the environment. They are made from durable and safe materials that meet international quality and emission standards. Our models are non-toxic and non-allergenic, as well as beautiful and functional, like other electrical equipment that we offer. You might like the elegant gooseneck luminaire, which looks like a fountain, emitting streams of even light of varying degrees of brightness. With original glass treatments, handcrafted finishes and durable construction, this model will create a unique accent in your garden or backyard. These models look great attached to the wall near the porch or front door.

Our collection features outdoor wall lighting with special features. These include brightness control and a motion sensor. Your lighting fixture will turn on whenever a person appears in the driveway or at the front door. The guests of the host will be pleasantly surprised, but suspicious people who snoop around your house with incomprehensible intentions will not. Choose a model with a remote control to change the brightness without getting up from your comfortable chair. The outdoor wall lighting presented in our collection is not only reliable and resistant to the vagaries of the weather but also energy-saving. Comfort inside and outside the home can be created at a low cost. Another option is a protective mesh or grille.

Many outdoor luminaires from world-famous brands allow the use of compatible bulbs. Look out for wall mounted LED panels that are a worthy alternative to 400 - 800 W discharge lamps, high pressure sodium wall units, fluorescent units and metal halogen fixtures. This equipment has high lumens for bright light without degradation and also provides instant illumination. Equipment for wet rooms and exterior walls, walkways, streets and lanes, garages, warehouses, as well as security lighting and overhead lighting for entrance doors must have an IP65 degree of protection and a sealed enclosure, as reported on the product page and in the technical data sheet. In wall panels, the LEDs are integrated inside the device, so they do not need to be changed during the entire service life.

Regardless of the style, purpose and materials used, Domesca offers innovative technologies at affordable prices in each model. You might like the two-tone textured black and barnwood finish that brings out the beauty of traditional design. Featuring a clear glass retro-shaped chimney, the farmhouse model exudes not only light but also vintage appeal. Install a traditional lamp in the hallway, on the porch or balcony to light the way at night. Classic models with minimal decor will fit in both traditional homes and modern outdoor spaces, from farmhouse to retro-industrial. Choose timeless designs for durable lighting fixtures for any outdoor use. It is convenient, beautiful and reliable.

We offer outdoor wall lighting in different styles and designs. Fans of a traditional entourage will love the farmhouse lanterns, which have a metal frame and a tempered glass lampshade. The Domesca collection includes many models in classic and industrial styles. Original and unique designs are also at your service. Make your porch beautiful and truly comfortable. Our lighting fixtures are easy to mount on the wall without additional skills or special tools. Follow the user manual included in the kit. We also recommend visiting “Desk Task Lamps”, “Outdoor Ceiling Lights”,” Outdoor Ceiling Fans”, and other sections of the Domesca online store. Order our products at any time of the day or night. We guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location.