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Do you want to transform your interior? Are you looking for special comfort? Then complementing the image of the room with a rug is a great solution for you. In addition, competent use of the correctly chosen design, color, and shape will make the rug the main accent of the room. To fill the room's space, to create a comfortable atmosphere or just to make the floor softer and warmer, it is essential to consider what kind of carpet is better to buy. Carpeting is a link to unite the full image of the interior. And those who want some changes will radically improve the appearance of the room, bringing color and texture to it. And Domesca will gladly give you this opportunity by providing a wide range in the "Area Rugs" section.

When choosing the area rug in our online store, do not forget that not only the shape and color should be perfect, performance and quality characteristics are no less important. Natural models are soft to touch and look luxurious. However, you should be warned that caring for them will take some time. If you do not have an extra hour or two for this activity, pay attention to our synthetic carpets for the living room. This is the most affordable option in terms of price and variety of colors. The coating should not only be strong and durable but also comfortable because family evenings often take place on the floor while watching a movie or playing a game. If softness is an important factor, a medium pile acrylic carpet that looks and feels like wool is a great solution.

The shape of the carpet and its size have a great influence on the perception of the room’s interior. A round rug ideally performs a decorative function. We advise you to place it in the center of the room, near the sofa or window area, to make the right visual accents. If you want to zone the space, you need several square carpets. Try to lay a small model near the dressing table, and the same, but larger in the sofa zone, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes. We also recommend matching the rug to the shape of the furniture in the room. If you have a coffee table, sofa, or armchairs, with sharp corners and straight lines, a square or rectangular carpet will perfectly emphasize them. For round and smooth shapes, use oval models.

For most people, when buying rugs, color plays a very important role. For a bright living room, in which the windows face south, carpets in cold tones are appropriate. If the room, on the contrary, is a bit dark, then it can be decorated with a warm-colored model. The indisputable advantages of plain items also include the fact that they can emphasize the color and shape of furniture. Rugs on the floor in the living room are still as relevant as hundreds of years ago. This is a classic thing that does not go out of fashion, and modern trends in interior design is a proof of it. These unique room elements can decorate both modern and traditional interiors. By choosing Domesca, you get not just a rug, but a guarantee of comfort and a pleasant atmosphere.

Many people prefer to buy natural area rugs. They are usually made of silk, wool, and cotton. The appearance of the wool carpet will depend on the conditions in which the sheep were kept, as well as how well the wool was processed. Plus, woolen products perfectly retain heat and have sound insulation. Silk is less commonly used in flooring as it is difficult to clean and does not hold heat, so this option is more suitable for warmer climates. They look very noble and aesthetically pleasing, therefore, most likely, they will only serve as decor in your living room. Cotton is often obtained in living rooms and nurseries since such carpets do not cause allergies. Synthetic coatings are as pleasant and soft to the touch as natural materials.  

Talking about synthetic materials, we should mention their advantages. For example, acrylic has excellent performance properties and is lightweight and resistant to sunlight. Viscose is a durable and practical raw material that provides carpeting with a unique sheen and smooth texture that will allow you to enjoy shopping for a long time. Modern designers and manufacturers combine natural, artificial fibers to create a universal composition of reliability and wear resistance at a moderate cost. The artificial fibers include viscose, and synthetic - polyamide, polyester, which are durable in operation. Outwardly and tactilely, these area carpets will not differ due to modern technologies and improved production techniques.

If you have kids, choose practical options that are soft and warm. A model made of mixed materials in this case would be excellent. If you often eat in the living room or have pets, it is better to refuse fluffy carpets with long piles, as it will be difficult to clean crumbs or wool from such a model. The thin and smooth texture of the area rug is cleaned better, so choose such models in our online store. It's amazing how a simple rug can change the look of a room. It not only adds coziness but also combines furniture and decor elements into a common composition. It absorbs sound well and retains heat. According to all these facts, we can conclude that this product in the living room has a lot of advantages. And we will be very happy if you choose Domesca to purchase such a versatile interior element.