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We know that furnishing a home is a complex but exciting process. Each area has its own mandatory minimum and its nuances. Bathroom furniture and sanitary ware determine how it will look. The bathroom is often a small space, so it is important to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The general rule for tiny places: choose only the furniture that you really need. So that water, steam, and temperature changes do not spoil the kit, the materials must be durable and wear-resistant. The style of the headset, the size of the furniture, the number of items, and much more must be considered when buying. But we have already done it for you and placed in the "Bathroom Sets" section universal novelties that will suit the owners of different spaces.

The sets include furniture from one series, which is perfectly matched in size, material, and style. The basic set is considered cabinets under the sink and hanging models. Other elements are added to them: consoles, chests with laundry baskets, banquettes, and mirrors. It is worth thinking about buying a headset if you just drove into the house and started filling the space. They are different: floor-established, hinged, and cornered. The first option is classic, it will fit into any bathroom. The second selection is suitable for owners of small areas, as it visually expands it, and it’s very convenient to use in everyday life. By the way, speaking of tiny rooms, we advise you to buy sets with an emphasis on the mirror surface, because they cope not only with the aesthetic task but also with the increase in the room. The third choice, the cornered one, is also acceptable for small places, as it doesn't take up much space.

Styling has always been on the list of favorite things to do when furnishing a home. It all depends on your personal preferences. At Domesca you will find a variety of bathroom sets in a contemporary style. This is minimalism and high-tech, which excludes the use of a huge amount of decor and focuses on simple shapes and straight contours. The use of glass, plastic, and metal makes such kits relatively inexpensive. If you want to become the owner of a luxurious bathroom, pay attention to our furniture in a classic style. Natural materials for decoration surfaces made of various types of wood or stone, the proportionality of the composition, and smooth lines - this is what will provide you with comfort in the bathroom and make your time here as pleasant as possible.

All in all, bathroom furniture should be made from materials suitable specifically for it: wood, stone, plastic, glass, and MDF- they will provide you with a long service life. It also must fit the size of the room, taking into account that the entire necessary kit of items is placed: the available space sets severe restrictions on the possible choice. The perfect selection will match the main interior of the apartment: due to the specifics of the room, the connection between decor and colors may not be very clear, but a single range of them should be present. Be sure that by visiting the Domesca online store, you will not have to spend tedious hours looking for bathroom furniture. We have done everything to simplify your life, and we hope that you will be satisfied by choosing the right set!

The bathroom is an important part of an apartment because a lot of time is spent there. That is why you need to carefully choose not only plumbing items but also furniture. A good purchase will be able to create a comfortable and functional room in which you will be pleased to spend your time in the morning, going to work, or relaxing after a hard day in the evening. Of course, when the bathroom is spacious, you can install furniture of any size or shape. But if every square centimeter for you matters, then the choice of furniture in the bathroom should be approached with special attention, combining the functions of different objects, and using all the free space to good use. Precisely for this, ready-made bathroom furniture sets were created, so that you do not have to think long and waste time looking for furniture that is ideally suited to the size of your bathroom.

Starting the search for a set of furniture for the bathroom, many people are faced with the problem of choosing a furniture cover. There are a large number of them, so you may not immediately decide on the right option. The veneered coating is a great option for those who would like to have wooden furniture, but the purchase amount is only enough for moisture-resistant MDF / chipboard.  A veneer is glued to the surface with an imitation of the structure of wood fibers; such facades are less susceptible to temperature changes and moisture than their wooden counterparts. Enamel and lacquer coating is the best practical solution. Such furniture has a pleasant sheen, better tolerates direct exposure to moisture, and is cheaper than acrylic and veneer in the price range.

For the convenience of wet cleaning in the room, choose furniture with adjustable legs, it will also allow you to set it to the level of the nightstand if your floor has a slope. The design and colors of the headset should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the bathroom, although there are no strict canons here - it all depends on you and your imagination. Do not forget that the bathroom is a zone of increased injury risk, choose sets without sharp corners, with smooth shapes. If the area of ​the room is too small, then you should not force it with massive decorative elements and furniture. At Domesca you can find a bathroom set of any size because the products from our catalog were designed to satisfy the needs of any client.