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Competent cardio loads are good for the heart. They contribute to the development of endurance and increase overall physical fitness. And the choice of the right equipment plays a very important role because the correct execution of the exercises depends on them.  The team of Domesca has taken care of you and thought of this moment by placing in the catalog cardio equipment  that will become your assistants on the way to becoming healthy and strong. The cardio machine allows you to choose a training program, resistance level, pedal/running belt angle and set up an individual plan. All this increases the effectiveness and fascination of exercises. Cushioning and proper biomechanics reduce the risk of injury during exercise. This creates a safer environment for the athlete's joints and ligaments than outdoor activities. The variety of sports equipment in our online store is simply amazing. You will be able to pick up the exercise machine, both for intensive and for more calm training.

The first thing a person who is going to train should pay attention to is the type of cardio machine. For each task that the training will solve, a certain model is suitable. And you can choose which is the best sports simulator for your home to buy at Domesca from several options that differ in the principle of operation, size, and price. The exercise bike is one of the most popular exercise equipment in the Domesca range. Exercises with it are suitable for athletes with an average level of physical fitness: from beginners to professional athletes. During training, the user loads the muscles of the lower body, shoulders, arms and back. This makes the simulator an almost universal option for strengthening the body and losing weight. Among the other advantages of exercise, bikes are compactness, ease of use, safety, a large number of programs, and resistance levels.  

The treadmill is considered one of the most effective cardio equipment for weight loss. In addition, the treadmill has a large number of health and beauty benefits for athletes. The advantage of the treadmill is that it is suitable for beginners: you can start training by walking, gradually increasing the speed. In addition, all family members will be able to work out on a treadmill - so buying such a simulator will also be profitable. When choosing this product in our online store, you should pay attention to the maximum weight that it can withstand, engine power, etc. Also in some models, there is the possibility of choosing a program for training. The treadmills are low impact, have a large number of programs and inclines, and are easy to use. Our skilled specialists are always ready to help with the choice and advise on the capabilities and features of each simulator.

Another type of cardio machine that is available at Domesca is the ellipsoid, which is designed to strengthen the muscles of the legs. The simulator received this name due to the fact that a person during classes moves along a trajectory resembling an ellipsoid. In terms of dimensions, it is usually larger than an exercise bike and some tracks. The elliptical trainer is designed for smooth movement, safety, and full-body training. Therefore, the ellipsoid is the best option for recovering from injuries or operations and developing balance and coordination. Among the advantages of such equipment are safety, correct biomechanics, your whole body works on it, it is easy to use, does not require strong concentration, and its pedals move back and forth. In addition, the lack of load on the knee joints allows the use of ellipsoids for people who are overweight, and who will feel uncomfortable training on an exercise bike.

The stepper is another compact cardio machine that simulates climbing stairs. The equipment is small, so you can practice with it both at home and in a large gym. At Domesca there are structures in which the hand support rotates in different directions, so a person during training turns the body in one direction or the other. Balancing models work on the principle of a double-bowl scale, due to which a person's weight is constantly shifting either to the right or to the left. The stepper imitates not just walking, but walking on the stairs. The movements are as natural as possible. Training on the stepper does not require absolutely any adaptation and preparation, so it is great for beginners, as well as people who find it difficult to immediately start with heavy loads. At the same time, the stepper takes care of your cardiovascular system, so it can be used even by people who experience some problems with it.

The rowing machine is considered the most effective cardio machine for weight loss. During training, it uses your whole body, creates an intense load, and combines cardio and strength exercises. The rowing machine, compared to treadmills and elliptical devices, is considered not as popular. Most likely, the reason lies in the fact that it is quite difficult to train on it.  Despite this, every year the level of demand for this sports equipment is growing, which is directly related to the widest functionality of the equipment. A rowing machine is a great way to lose those extra pounds and make your body leaner. Often rowing machines are the most compact type of sports equipment, they are distinguished by a long and narrow base. A folding rowing machine, for example, is great for storing upright, which saves when there is no extra space in the room.

In general, cardio loads are extremely beneficial for health. They strengthen the immune system, allow you to lose weight, and promote the development of endurance. When choosing any sports equipment, it is worth considering the conditions of its operation, the intended focus of training, your height, and weight, as well as technical characteristics. The timing of the wear of the simulator with frequent and heavy loads is crucial for professional equipment. The duration of the using of the simulator depends on these indicators, hence the need for repeated financial investments to update various models. Sports equipment in the Domesca catalog is of high quality and reliability, which guarantees long-term operation.  We provide a guarantee for all exercise machines. Constant analysis of all major trends, monitoring of the latest developments, and attention to many details at once still accompany the work processes in our online store.