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The American psychologist Abraham Maslow argued that beauty can wait until a person's needs for food, sex, health, safety, family, social significance, and confidence in the future are met. We argue that decorative objects are significant for a person at any tier of his pyramid of needs. The desire for beauty lies at the very foundation of human nature. That is why, after visiting the Furniture, Lighting, Bedding+Bath, Outdoor, and other sections in the catalog of Domesca, we recommend that you pay attention to the range of decorative items for your interior. Here you will find a lot of beautiful things, not walking along the shopping arcade, but through a real gallery of artifacts.

Domesca Decor

Once furniture, lighting, and basic items have been chosen for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and hallway, you can add the special touches that will make your living space cozy. Decorative objects such as vases and bowls allow you to move beyond the functional aspects of each room and create an atmosphere. Even small items like tea lights or a sculptural item on a living room sideboard can give color and warmth. With thoughtful decorative pieces, you can ensure that all your living spaces reflect your personality or preferred theme. Ultimately, furniture and lighting do not complete a living space - every room in the home needs those special decorative details to look truly inviting.

Decorative objects for a home can have a remarkable impact on how a space looks and feels. Items such as rugs, sculptures, wall hangings, cushions, and vases are some examples of decorative objects that are useful for adding life to any home or house. These objects provide wonderful opportunities to express your style and add identity to your space.

Domesca Decor
Domesca Decor

From vibrant colors to thoughtful textures, decorative objects for a home can help you achieve the desired atmosphere in your living areas. A few well-chosen items can also tell stories about who you are or where you come from; these tasteful accents will transform your space into an inviting and attractive atmosphere.

Items for the home of this category can be divided into two parts. There are things here that have only decorative value, and things that are not only beautiful but also practical. A desktop organizer in the form of a globe, which stands in the workplace in your home office, will remind you of those beautiful places on the planet that you have already visited or are planning to travel to someday. According to psychologists, human attention is like a wave. It needs a change of impressions – from a serious topic to a pleasant one and vice versa. We surround ourselves with decorative objects to take a break from important things.

Soft pieces such as pillows and throws can add the perfect level of texture to a home space. Pillows, typically smaller in size, can be used in any area of a room for visual interest - on their own or layered on top of furniture pieces. Arrange throws and pillows on a sofa, couch, or armchair to create an inviting atmosphere. Throws can instantly upgrade a living room or a bedroom with their larger sizes, playing an important role in styling and coordination with the rest of the space. Pillows and throws can add much-needed comfort but also bring color or pattern into an often neutral room. These textiles offer versatility being able to mix different colors, patterns, textures, and sizes to lounge comfortably while making a polished statement at the same time.

Domesca Decor
Domesca Decor

Wall art is a great way to bring life and vibrant energy into an otherwise dull home space. Canvas art helps to create a visually pleasing environment, while framed pictures add a stylish flair. Display shelves, with decorative objects such as candle holders, vases, and books, can be used to highlight more important pieces of wall art - providing a perfect focal point for living rooms and bedrooms alike. For more minimal spaces, outlined prints can be hung in groupings or repetitive patterns to act as attractive feature walls. Carefully displaying these pieces through thoughtful arrangement helps to make wall art the most decorative element in any home.

The themes of decorative objects are as diverse as life itself. Someone prefers cult and religious decor items, such as Feng Shui items or Tibetan thangkas. Others like to surround themselves with decorations from India, China, Japan, and other distant lands. A Buddhist bell, sculptures of gods and animals, mandalas, ethnic furniture and utensils, elements of national clothing, rosaries, carved boxes - all this can serve as an interior decoration. Artifacts related to Eastern religions are sold mainly in specialized stores, but in our catalog, you can find some exotic items, as well as a lot of more traditional decorations: wall clocks, wall mirrors, canvas, and other wall decor. At Domesca we have collected only useful and high-quality items in the catalog. You will likely make pleasant discoveries that will become indispensable in your household.