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To choose a comfortable, functional dresser or chest that will complement the decor of your room, you need to consider the area of ​​the room and what exactly you will use it for. Perfect models also should help you keep the space in order. It has to be durable, eco-friendly, multifunctional, and stylish. A chest of drawers is not considered to be a basic necessity in the bedroom, but in some cases, it is difficult to do without it. You can not only put all the essential things in it but also make it a stand for a TV and other items. You also need to decide on personal preferences so that this piece of furniture brings you not only convenience but also aesthetic pleasure. For this task, we have placed the best models in the "Dressers & Chests" section.

Among modern designer furniture, there is a place for the most exotic and unusual items that make the room original and stylish. For example, a chest will decorate not only the living room but will become an elegant addition to the house. In the Middle Ages, the Chinese and Europeans were engaged in the manufacture of these pieces of furniture. They were used to store jewelry, bedding and clothing, they also slept and dined on them, using it as chairs and tables. Even in the old days, chests had decorations and their own special style, while modern ones in Domesca can be just a work of art. Today, chests remain a bright accent in the interior of many homes, and people still use them for various tasks. A colorful appearance, spaciousness, and original decor - all these describe the chests in the Domesca online store.

Modern dressers and chests have a huge assortment. Here you can buy classic wooden items that are decorated with metal and carvings, vintage elements that are associated with the times of medieval castles, retro models made in the spirit of old traditions, and many others. Dressers can consist of a combination of different materials, which adds an unusual touch to your room. Speaking about the shape of chests of drawers, we can distinguish classic rectangular or square ones, radius with rounded corners (which are ideal for a large area), and combined with a multipurpose storage system. Low chests of drawers add horizontal lines to the room and are suitable for narrow rooms. And long models harmoniously look in bedrooms with high ceilings. Many variants have wheels, thanks to which you don’t have to make much effort to move the chest.

Where can you use the dresser and chest? Everywhere! In the bedroom, they replace the bedside table and store bed linen and home clothes. In the living room, a chest of drawers complements other pieces of furniture, such as a wardrobe or a shelving unit. Some people turn a low chest into a coffee table by sliding it against the wall and adding a couple of armchairs, which we also have in our online store. It is also often spotted in the nursery and is used to store the child's personal belongings. Plus, it is something used as a stand for photos or awards of your kid. A chest made of moisture-resistant material can be placed in the bathroom and used to store detergents and cosmetics. Any of your decisions can be implemented right now, together with Domesca.

The choice of materials at Domesca is very large. So which one to choose? The most popular, beautiful, and wear-resistant material for making a chest of drawers is wood.  Wooden chests of drawers are decorated with figured carvings, forged metal elements, and another decor. Pine and birch are inexpensive woods that are softer and more resistant to impacts. More valuable and expensive breeds are beech or oak. To find the best combination of price and quality, you can choose a dresser made of solid pine or beech, lacquered for extra strength. Laminated chipboard or MDF visually resembles wood but is much cheaper. In our catalog, there are also wicker chests that will ideally fit into the interior of a bedroom in Provence style, classic, Scandinavian and eco style. Rattan chests are environmentally friendly, light, and durable, and the unusual weaving of rods will give your interior a unique exotic look.

The number of drawers in chests and dressers and their sizes can be different, so you need to choose a model based on its purpose. Spacious options are suitable for storing linen and clothes, small drawers can store jewelry or sewing supplies, and glass shelves can be used to arrange books. As for the method of pulling out drawers, at Domesca you can most often find ball guides that open silently and can withstand a lot of weight. Roller guides are cheaper guides that provide an incomplete opening. This model has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the rollers do not withstand heavy loads and are not silent, but on the other hand, an incomplete opening allows you to protect the box from falling out.

The color of the dresser and chest should match the color palette of your bedroom. First of all, consider the color of the furniture that will stand next to the dresser or chest, as well as the color of the walls, ceiling, and flooring. If your furniture is made of wood, then it is more appropriate to choose a product made of wood of the same color. Too light will stand out from the overall composition of the furniture, and too dark will seem too cumbersome. The easiest way to keep the interior in the same color palette is to buy a ready-made bedroom set, so you avoid color mismatches between the chest of drawers, bed, and other furniture. By the way, they are also available in our online store.