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Whatever the technologies for counting and measuring time, human consciousness is inert. We want to see a recognizable dial before our eyes, which informs us, like a close relative, that we are late for the plane or can take another hour of nap. It is for this reason that table clocks in habitual frames do not go out of fashion. We want to see time in familiar outlines. For many people, time is shrouded in romance and mysticism. Looking at the fire, we think about it. If you have a fireplace at home, a mantel clock should be on it. Both of these pieces create a vintage interior inside which you don't have to rush and prove your superiority. You can really relax and forget about the floating rate and stock quotes. Listen to the soothing ticking and think of something pleasant. 

As a rule, mantel clocks are made of noble materials, such as walnut or ivory. They give the model the charm of antiquity. However, this category also contains excellent imitations made of synthetic materials, which are in no way inferior to the aforementioned ones. They are reliable, pleasant, and environmentally friendly, contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Numerals can be Roman or Latin. Make sure your children and other family members understand what time the mantel clock shows. The bezel (a swivel ring around the dial) can serve as a decorative element and perform its classic function – to mark the time on a scale, similar to a timer. The convex glass lens looks very nice, sending a glare of light in all directions. 

Pay attention to the chime melodies, which are also mentioned in the product description. A two-tone metal dial with embossed numerals and the brand's logo is quite common. It does not need an excessive ornament, which interferes with determining time. The mantel clock will perfectly fit into the surroundings, filled with other antique items. The body can be richly decorated in the form of curlicues, relief patterns, or sculptures. In our collection, there are models of different shapes. Round, square or elongated table clocks are at the service of our customers. Finishing with walnut and other wood is quite common, but this option is not the only one. You can choose a table clock with a metal case, decorated with elegant wrought-iron elements.

Vintage table clocks in different styles and sizes look great not only on the fireplace. You can put this beautiful item in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and even kitchen. Some of our models are easy to move from place to place with a handy bracket placed on top. In some versions, there is an alarm call that will wake you up at any time. Regardless of style, design, or size, we guarantee exclusive quality and safe delivery to any location. You can also visit “Digital Clocks”, “Alarm Clocks”, “Grandfather Clocks”, and other sections of the Domesca online store. Our experts will help you choose the model according to your taste. Order beautiful and reliable mantel table clocks and other household items at any time of the day or night.

Table clocks are needed in the house not only to show the time. They perform a decorative function and become a decoration for an office, bedroom, or children's room. To date, a huge range of these products is presented. Clocks are not only used to tell time. They can become a source of pride, a family heirloom, or an addition to the interior. If there is a fireplace at home, it is the mantel clock that will effectively emphasize the hearth zone and the overall style of the room. The clock in the house is not only a functional item, by which you can always find out the exact time. It has long become a full-fledged decor of the room.  A wooden mantel clock is beautiful and status. At Domesca they are available in all sizes, shapes, and styles. They differ from each other according to such factors and criteria as the table clock mechanism, appearance, and material of manufacture.

What to choose among such a variety in our online store? Everything depends on your desire. In the modern diversity of personal electronics, table clocks have not lost their relevance. But here, too, progress does not stand still, therefore, when planning a purchase, study all the offers and make the right choice. Now there is a fireplace in almost any spacious house. And in city apartments, they install its electric imitation in order to also feel the warmth and comfort that the hearth gives. A mantel clock will competently highlight and emphasize this area and add an interesting appearance to it. And even if you are not the owner of a fireplace, this is not a reason to deny yourself a luxurious interior element.  Such mantel clocks, bought in our online store, will look organically on a wide shelf in the living room, or on a desktop in the office. They are suitable not only for the home, so you can often see them being presented to the management of companies, and then they remain in the office.

For a wooden mantel clock to really please, you need to choose the right one. It is worth paying attention to various factors - the mechanism, the style of performance, and the character of the person himself. This decor is bought for many years, and therefore, its choice must be approached responsibly. We advise you to pay attention to our quartz table clock. They are battery-operated and easy to use, also they have a higher accuracy of movement compared to mechanical mantel clocks. Often equipped with a fight and a melody, an automatic night mode in which sounds are turned off at night, as well as a function with which you can adjust the volume. Recently, people are increasingly buying mechanical options with a white or ivory case, as they are ideal for decorating interiors in light colors. Modern models of quartz table clocks are designed to diversify classic models. Manufacturers use modern colors, materials, and shapes and add useful features, as you can see for yourself by visiting the huge Domesca catalog.