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Ask yourself how important are the psychological aspects of well-being? Someone feels comfortable in a small, enclosed room, while someone else suffocates in a cramped space. It is not always possible to get out, but there is no need to suffer since there is a way out. There are many tricks that allow one to deceive the eye and expand the size of the living space. People use cool-colored backgrounds and hang panoramic paintings on the walls, or put floor mirrors in the rooms. The last solution visually doubles the space, helping to cope with claustrophobia. Perhaps this option is the fastest and most effective. That is why the Domesca online store presents a large selection of floor mirrors of various designs and sizes.

Floor mirrors can be huge, medium, and quite miniature. The dimensions of each model are indicated in the description. They should not be ignored, as well as the parameters of the door through which you will bring the acquired floor mirror. This household item can be disassembled to a certain extent, but the reflective surface is not folding. The floor mirror is placed on a stand or mounted on a wall. In the first case, you do not need additional tools, however, skills in handling a large and fragile object would be helpful. When installing the model on the floor or mounting it on the wall, ask a strong person (neighbor or relative) to help you. Working together, you can easily cope with the task by following the instructions.

The floor mirrors presented in the Domesca catalog are beautiful and comfortable, but this is not enough to choose the right product. The proportions of the model and its frame are significant. The shape and size of the floor mirror should be in harmony with the wall, especially in a large room. Bright and colorful wallpapers are well combined with a strict frame made of material and colors that fit into the mood of the picture. The more flashy the color composition is, the thinner the border should be, up to its absence. Exquisite framing, carved wood or wrought iron, will look advantageous against a white background or wallpaper with a pale, unobtrusive pattern. Don't forget other pieces of furniture and wall art that will be reflected in your mirror.

Floor mirrors are appropriate in any room of your home. As a rule, they are ordered after the purchase of furniture for the living room, dining room, bathroom, home office, or bedroom. If you haven't done so yet, visit the following Domesca pages: “Bathroom Sets”, “Bathroom Storage”, “Medicine Cabinets”, and more. We are ready to help at any stage of interior modeling and creating maximum comfort. A wide range of items for home and recommendations from the Domesca experts are at the disposal of demanding customers. The floor mirror is quite fragile, so we took care of reliable packaging. The purchase will be delivered to your doorstep promptly and without damage. You can order our products at any time of the day or night. Create comfort with us!

Sooner or later, everyone faces the choice of a mirror in their home. And at such a moment it is important to give preference to a solution that is both beautiful and functional. If you are fed up with all the standard options for placing mirrors, pay attention to floor products. It can be on legs, wheels, or a stand. Most often, this is a large edition in a beautiful frame that sets the mood for the whole house. These days, a framed floor mirror is more than just a reflective canvas. This is an element of decor, on which masters in cutting mirrors and interior designers are working. As a result of their joint work, magnificent floor mirrors are obtained to decorate any room. The Domesca team has made your life easier and collected the best models of floor mirrors for every taste in one catalog.

A floor mirror on a leg is convenient in that it does not need a free wall for support. It is often complemented by shelves or stylish drawers. This mirror is easy to place in any corner of the room. Designers advise using this design for spacious dressing rooms. Particular attention to this accessory should be given to the owners of such interior styles as classic, modern, loft, minimalism, and Scandinavian. The outdoor product will not only harmoniously fit into an appropriately designed interior, but will also easily become its main decoration or accent. Choosing a floor mirror for a bedroom or hallway follows from the size of the room where it will then stand, but not less than 170 cm in height. Products with bright multi-colored frames made of safe materials, such as wood, are suitable for the nursery. A mirror of this type looks original and atypical, but it fits perfectly into most modern interiors. For the safety of the child, a frame with rounded corners is recommended. In the bedroom, you can install a floor mirror framed in gold, silver, or copper, which are also available in our online store.

You can buy an exclusive floor mirror in the hallway in a luxurious frame or a classic rectangular shape. It all depends on the interior. Illuminated mirrors are very convenient in the hallway because there is usually little light in the hallway. It is very convenient to have a mirror built into the cabinet outside the door, and even better if the outer part of the door is a continuous reflective sheet. If space permits, then a side mirror that can simply be leaned against the wall or a mirror on a leg is perfect. It is noteworthy that a mirror installed near the floor can be used both in a spacious room and in a compact one. If the size of your room or corridor allows, then take a closer look at our models with wide legs. Such mirrors do not need additional support, and therefore can be used in any part of the house. Remember: by buying at Domesca, you ensure that you receive the highest quality product as soon as possible.