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The mood of all housemates and guests depends on how your living room is decorated. And to gather more often with a large company, you need to take care of what you will all sit on. It is extremely important to select practical and stylish models that will meet all functional and aesthetic factors. The right choice of chairs is guided by several points: the style of the room, the color scheme, the desired material, design, and size. If practicality or reliability is easy enough to express in certain parameters - service life, and maximum load, then convenience and beauty are much more relative concepts. You should not be afraid of this list, because together with Domesca it is very easy to find all these items in one version.

Well, let's move on to the most important task - choosing the design of the chair. In the Domesca online store, all chairs are strong and reliable, but solid models are especially different. The frame elements for this option are adjusted and assembled, but the possibility of disassembly is not provided. Therefore, if you are sure that you will move from time to time, or you have a small living room, we advise you to pay attention to folding chairs. They are simple in their shapes, easy to move, and clean. Plus, they may well be decorative elements. Collapsible chairs will also be an ideal option for moving. Another advantage is that you can easily change some part if it suddenly fails or is lost.

Do you want to turn up to the 19th century and feel real comfort? The Viennese style was invented 2 centuries ago by master Michael Thonet. To this day, these chairs are considered one of the best options for the home. Such an exquisite item will fit well into a classic or modern interior. Another comfortable model is considered to be a semi-chair. Its armrests and padded seats with backrests will provide you with a relaxed evening with a book and a cup of hot cocoa in your hands. A country-style living room is perfectly complemented by wicker chairs. Hi-tech and loft rooms will be nicely decorated with metal chrome seats in bright colors. For fans of minimalism, Domesca has prepared wooden chairs close to natural shades: brown, white, and beige.

How long the chair will serve you also depends on a well-chosen material. One of the most proven options is wood. It is durable, strong, and environmentally friendly. Modern plastic seats with their light weight can withstand heavy loads. Such material allows you to have any, even the most incredible shapes of the product. Rattan, which was previously used mainly for garden furniture, is now in great demand in the design of living rooms. This is a very interesting and pleasant option to use. Upholstery also plays an important role. The best fabric options are considered to be durable and refined silk, which is good for decorating the living room in spring and summer, as well as velour and velvet, which perfectly retain heat. When buying at the Domesca online store, you can implement all your stylistic decisions, and choose upholstered seats with chairs that perfectly fit the color scheme of the living room and will serve you for many years.

It is impossible not to notice the stylistic accents in interior design with the right choice of furniture, including chairs for the living room. The chair is subject to fashion trends. Due to this variability, there are a lot of varieties of chairs, which makes it the most massive subject of exploitation. In the living room, chairs are less heavily used and generally less prone to soiling. Since this room is intended for relaxation and receiving guests, an important factor in choosing the right model will be its convenience and combination with the design of the room. The table and chairs don't need to be the same color, a combination of colors and patterns is possible. However, both pieces of furniture must be combined with each other and with the overall decor of the living room.

According to the type of transformation, chairs in the living room at Domesca are divided into several types. The first, integral- a monolithic structure that does not involve disassembly. Such chairs are the most durable, strong, and comfortable, they can withstand heavy loads. Collapsible - parts of the chair are connected to the structure with the help of screws, and staples. These chairs are very compact and convenient when moving. Each type of chair has several advantages. Solid chairs will look luxurious with an ordinary dining table. Stacked models are the best choice for a glass table. Folding and collapsible chairs are a good option next to a low bar counter or folding table top.

The concept of avant-garde is suitable not only for the style in interior design and the direction in art but also for everything unusual. The unconventional shape of the chairs is not limited by classical conventions, but they don't suit every interior. For example, colored plastic without legs can smoothly flow from the back through the seat and the front plane to the floor, forming ergonomic and very comfortable chairs. When choosing this element of furniture at Domesca, remember that the chairs must be in harmony with the rest of the items, accessories, textiles, and finishes. A well-designed living room is where chairs and other furniture are very organically integrated into the design of the room, without standing out as a separate element.