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Domesca online store is pleased to invite you to visit the “LED-Wall Lights” category, where you will find stylish and high-quality lighting fixtures for various purposes. This technology is gaining more and more fans due to its durability, safety, and significant energy savings. You can install LED equipment in any room and for any purpose, choosing the right brightness, size, and style. We give a detailed description of each product, indicating all the characteristics. You will find what you need in our virtual gallery of quality and useful home items. The models presented in the catalog are made by the best world brands using innovative technologies. Domesca experts will help you make the right choice according to your preferences.

On the product page you will find the following parameters: manufacturer's brand, packaged and assembled dimensions, the weight of the item, number of lights, included components, and special features. These include a remote control. You can also control the operation of the LED wall light via your smartphone by programming the brightness, color temperature, timer, and motion sensor. In some models, there is musical synchronization: the color of the LED backlight will change depending on the rhythm of the sound. LED-wall equipment can offer millions of colors and dozens of operation modes, creating a unique, joyful holiday atmosphere. All of our devices are easy to assemble and mount with the mounting hardware included in the kit. 

Please note that all materials used are environmentally friendly and safe for health. The choice of material depends on taste preferences and stylistic features of the interior. The shape of the lampshade varies in different models. Choose a simple geometric shape that matches the business interior. Artistic lampshades made of durable glass in different shades will add informal notes to the atmosphere of the room. Some models imitate vintage lanterns, perfectly fitting into a traditional or exotic interior. Lovers of oriental style will find many interesting offers here. Modern designs come in a wide variety of options, from industrial to futuristic ones. Choose recessed LED wall lights for a transitional or small space. 

LED-wall lights work silently, and efficiently, and are designed for decades of flawless service. Some models have lenses and reflectors to create accent lighting. LED spotlights can be used to illuminate paintings, sculptures, aquariums, and other places. The LEDs can be combined with other equipment, such as a fan. You will find the models in the “Ceiling Fans With Lights” section. We also recommend visiting “LED Outdoor Lighting”, “Outdoor Wall Lighting”, and other categories of the Domesca online store. Order beautiful and practical LED wall lights at any time of the day or night. Regardless of the cost, design, and style, we guarantee exclusive quality and safe delivery of our products to any location. 

LED wall lamps are used for organizing additional lighting in residential and non-residential premises, as well as on the street. In the lighting system of apartments and houses, they are combined with LED ceiling lights to create multi-level lighting and light zoning of individual areas. By the way, such models of ceiling lamps are also in our product catalog. LED wall lamps are important elements of the interior and exterior of buildings. The variety of their shapes, sizes, styles, and characteristics allows you to choose an individual solution for any design - from classic to modern. Soft and diffused light from wall LED sconces creates a cozy atmosphere in the room and promotes good rest and communication in a pleasant environment. Many places these lighting fixtures on the walls of the living room, bedroom, nursery, and hallway. In addition, LED lights are installed on the walls of public buildings for various purposes, including offices, garages, warehouses, etc.

During operation, the LED emits a significant amount of heat, which is removed by special radiators, which ensures a long life of the crystal. When overheated, the phosphor quickly burns out, the LED dims and fails, and the operating temperature should not exceed 80 degrees. A high-quality lamp should provide good heat dissipation from the radiator. Before choosing a lamp at Domesca, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which it will work (the amount of dust and moisture in the atmosphere, precipitation, etc.). For the convenience of choice, the international index IP (Ingress Protection Rating) is used, which shows how the device is protected from dust, foreign objects, and moisture. The reflector is another important item when choosing a wall-mounted LED light. The use of reflectors and reflectors significantly increases the luminous flux. Cover glasses are transparent and frosted.  Opaque ones provide a more uniform light distribution, but also reduce the luminous flux.  

Due to the simple design, all devices are very easy to maintain and repair, and a failed power supply, LED strip, or LED module can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Due to the compactness of these elements, they are interchangeable and it is easy to pick up a tape or power supply from another manufacturer. According to the purpose, the lamps in our catalog can be divided into several classes. The first type is general-purpose luminaires - designed to illuminate rooms. The second type is local, they illuminate only the work surface. The following in the list are combined, which combine the functions of general and local lighting. Domesca has a wide variety of decorative LED lamps - they provide illumination of decorative elements of the interior. It is also worth paying attention to evening options - these are designed for orientation in the dark (so as not to turn on the main lighting). If you are interested in purchasing such an indispensable product, we will be happy if you choose Domesca for this responsible mission.