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Dining + Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers at the same table and spends time together. Therefore, the owners of the house have an important task: to harmoniously combine comfort and beauty in one place. The facade of the kitchen needs to be updated more often than in other rooms: due to daily cooking and cleaning, furniture loses its attractiveness faster, as well as more dishes with other equipment appear and this needs to be put somewhere. Therefore, if you have decided to update this room, we will be happy to help you with this and provide the best products.

After starting the path of a new kitchen arrangement, it is important to take into account the practicality of the materials. When buying kitchen utensils, it is essential to consider external factors: high humidity, splashes of grease, and water. Domesca gives you a choice between MDF, natural wood, glass, and other durable materials. Our goods are not only visually attractive but also long-term. Therefore, you don't have to choose between a beautiful picture and functionality, we have combined everything in one. 

Did you decide to arrange a dining room in a minimalist style? Then you can make an accent on a table of a slightly geometric shape. For example, take a look at our deluxe models with metal base plates and tempered glass on top. By the way, the advantage of glass coating is that it’s quite easy to care for, so you do not have to spend hours cleaning it from dirt. Or unusual and modern architectural stainless steel plates that can visually expand the space. Such a choice will not only impress your guests but also the meals will acquire a special atmosphere.

For long gatherings with family and friends, you also need comfortable chairs that will allow you not to worry about the comfort of guests. Sitting in soft velvet upholstered chairs filled with flexible polyurethane, you will feel relaxed. For lovers of elegance, we have reserved sophisticated models made of natural leather and polyester, on which dust and microbes do not accumulate. In addition, it is processed with the latest technology to ensure no cracks and long service life for chairs.

Don't want to spend time trying to match the chairs to the table perfectly? Domesca thought of this moment and posted on pages options for both the whole family and those who live alone. If you want to opt for a modern bar style that takes up less space, you can relax too, because now you do not have to waste tedious hours browsing through all the models. We provide various options in loft style, modernism, high-tech, and others. And we are happy to help you with creating a single integral image of your home.

Do you have a small kitchen? Our buffet collections allow you to store all your kitchen utensils while saving area. Thanks to a large number of shelves and drawers, you will forget about the clutter of other surfaces and be able to leave important space free. You can also consider purchasing models with a light glossy surface, which will visually increase the space. Also for this purpose, you can experiment with glass doors and shelves, as well as chrome-plated metal handles and mirror objects.

In selecting colors for decorating the kitchen, you are not limited by anything. But competent color design should be based on the characteristics of the room to acquire a harmonious look. For large spaces, dark shades and contrasting combinations are perfect for adding style and modernity. Plus, they help visually balance the room. A small kitchen should be visually enlarged with the help of light, neutral tones, and pastel shades are also great: cream, peach, etc. Whatever color scheme you choose, be sure that you’ll find what you want at the Domesca online store!