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Choosing the right lighting for your living quarters is one of the most important steps when furnishing any home or house. This becomes especially relevant when you have already selected furniture for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other areas of your home. Lighting sets the atmosphere for each room, giving it coziness and warmth. Furthermore, the light fixtures you choose can be used to decorate and bring individual style and flair to each living space. When deciding on what light fixtures to use in each room, it's important to consider how much natural light comes in through windows as well as how you're planning on using each living space since this will determine whether soft lighting or brighter lights are needed. Ultimately having thoughtfully set up lighting that meets your needs makes living spaces more inviting, cozy, and enjoyable all year round.

Domesca Lighting

In the Domesca online store, you will find not only sofas and armchairs, bathroom vanities and decor items, fireplaces and quality outdoor furniture but also various types of lighting fixtures that will help create a unique lighting ensemble for every room in the house. Chandeliers, recessed lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and other equipment are offered for your choice. In the catalog of Domesca, you will quickly find the right solution for the ceiling, wall, floor, and bathroom. We offer spectacular and highly functional options for interior and exterior lighting. There are sections dedicated to quality equipment for the home office, garage, and home gym. Everything you need can be found in the Domesca lighting catalog.

When choosing the perfect lamp for the interior of any space, one should take into account its temperature. This has to do with cold or warm light -cool temperatures bring out a bluish tinge to the lighting and are perfect for spaces used for reading or study, in which concentration is needed. Conversely, warm light will exude a yellowish glow, providing comfort and a more cozy atmosphere that is great for living rooms or bedrooms.

Domesca Lighting
Domesca Lighting

Additionally, cold and warm lighting can be used together to create an environment that caters to different needs — cold temperatures in the areas intended for focusing on tasks while providing warm light in relaxation spots such as nooks or lounges. The best option is to equip different rooms in different tones.

This is especially true for the selection of lighting in the bedroom, because a bedroom is a place for relaxation and solitude, and it is very important to feel comfortable there at any time of the day. Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. Wall sconces mounted on either side of the bed offer a wall-washing effect that is great for establishing a relaxing mood. Table lamps are an excellent choice for task lighting, such as for reading, adding an inviting glow to the bedroom. Accent floor lamps can be ideal for adding balance and symmetry, leveraging their visual presence to bring warmth to a corner of the room. Finally, string lights draped around the wall perimeter of the bedroom can add subtle yet effective romantically understated ambiance in any space. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a perfect lighting solution to fit any bedroom’s atmosphere.

Bathroom lighting must be carefully considered in order to create a relaxing atmosphere while still providing enough illumination to provide safety and utility. Generally, ceiling-mounted fixtures that focus downward are best suited for bathroom lighting due to their ability to evenly distribute light throughout the space. Wall sconces provide more ambient light and can be used in tandem with ceiling fixtures. To add an enjoyable decorative touch, you can supplement your general bathroom lighting with accent lamps or wall washers that provide indirect lighting. LED bulbs are currently the most efficient option when it comes to adding light fixtures in a bathroom environment, however, traditional incandescent lights do offer greater aesthetic appeal if chosen correctly.

Domesca Lighting
Domesca Lighting

Expert advice from Domesca's team will help you solve your specific situation. Lighting in the garage and home gym is different from the lighting in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. The purpose and size of the room are taken into account. A good option for small rooms is a cool tone and diffused light. Light sources can be recessed into the ceiling or walls. This solution is very convenient for compact rooms or those where a chandelier is undesirable. It can be any room where you play sports - throw the ball or kick above your head. The direction and distribution of the luminous flux also vary.

The optimal solution for many rooms is several autonomous light sources. Take, for example, the double bedroom or the children's room where the twins live. Each of them needs its own luminous flux – for reading, playing, or working. A convenient and multifunctional light source must meet safety requirements. If you are going to install the equipment in the bathroom, it must be resistant to moisture, steam, and heat. Ignoring this condition can cost you your life. Lighting equipment for workspaces should be compact and user-friendly. However, user-friendliness concerns any type of premises, along with reliability and energy saving. The choice of lighting in our online store is really large and will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding customers.