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A sconce is a decorative lighting device that is fixed on the wall. Its ancestors were torches placed along the corridors, and later - stands with candles and lamps.  Even the aristocracy, who could afford luxurious hanging chandeliers, often used wall lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Considering the evolution of the sconce wall lamp, it is worth noting that over the hundreds of years of its existence, its purpose has not changed, but the look has improved significantly. Today, it is a real decoration of the home interior. With its soft light, it brings coziness and romance to the everyday environment, adds individuality to the rooms, and sets up for comfortable rest and a pleasant pastime. And at our Domesca online store, you will find something that you can happily place in your rooms and that will bring you comfort for many years.

When choosing the right wall sconce model, we recommend that you carefully read the information posted on the product page. Here you will find the manufacturer's brand, intended use (outdoor or indoor, and room type), materials used, power source, fixture type, weights and dimensions, control method, controller type, mounting type, light source type, color, style, and design, included components and special features. All our models are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for health and the environment. They do not cause allergies and do not emit toxins. Thoroughly tested and certified materials fully comply with international quality and emission standards. Models designed for outdoor use are resistant to water, rust, sudden temperature changes and other natural surprises.

A wide range of designs and finishes are at your disposal. Choose the model that best matches the style of your interior and your mood. Battery operated wall sconces are ideal for bathroom, closet, foyer, living room, bedroom, basement wall or window, farmhouse, workshop and so on. It can be used as a dressing table or ceiling lamp. The wall sconce is usually shipped assembled. All mounting hardware required for installation is included. Battery powered models do not require wiring. Aesthetics and functionality in this type of equipment are equally important. All models in our catalog organically combine both of these advantages. Use remote mode to turn your wall sconce on and off, and adjust other device settings.

Today, the market represents a huge assortment of such lighting devices, with different designs, and colors. But all these types can be combined into a separate classification, depending on the form of manufacture and light distribution. LED lamps are becoming more and more fashionable now, the shapes of which add some excellence to the design. Talking about closed variations, it is clear from the name that the lamp is completely covered with a ceiling, which can be made in any form and shape and from various materials. But the diversity of decorative goods is quite large. They mainly play the role of decorating the room.  They can be made in any shape, in the form of lanterns, candles, flowers and much more. For them, variations are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Speaking about the method of light distribution, 4 classes can be distinguished here. The first is with direct light. This view directly directs the light to a specific area (one point). The second is partially direct light.  It is a design that directs streams to one point, but at the same time, allows some light to scatter). Third variant – uniform lighting. Such devices completely illuminate the entire area to which the light reaches (the size of the area depends on the brightness of the lighting, i.e. the power of the lamp and lamp). And the fourth is diffused lighting. The last option is devices that distribute light throughout the room, the rays fall on the walls and ceiling, reflecting from them.

The right choice of lighting fixtures is a rather important task, which has its own tricks. When purchasing a wall lamp to illuminate individual decorative elements, it is necessary to select bright lamps from both sides. At the same time, adapt to the style of the subject itself. To illuminate the paintings, elements with matte shades are needed, which will eliminate the possibility of creating a glare of light. If the lamp is intended for reading or working, a model with a matte shade is also recommended. When combining a chandelier and a sconce, it is necessary to select devices of the same style. It is recommended to immediately buy a set of several elements. These and many other options are already available in our online store.

Some models are real works of art. Others have additional features, such as a ring for hanging light clothing. Regardless of style, cost or design, we offer the exclusive quality of each item for the home presented in our catalog and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Ceiling Fan Hardware & Accessories”, “Outdoor Ceiling Fans”, “Ceiling Fan Light Kits”, and other sections of the Domesca online store. We appreciate the trust of our customers, so we offer durable and beautiful home items, accessories and equipment from the world's best manufacturers. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Home modeling is easy if you buy from the right place. Let's create the perfect comfort together.