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Whether we're talking about a half bath or a big bathroom, questions about storage are bound to come up at the planning stage. Equipping the interior of this place, it is necessary to provide a special area in it for storing toothpaste and medicines. For these purposes, it is best to adapt a small cabinet that can be hinged or built-in. This is a useful and necessary part of the interior of the room. Despite the multiple functions of the first-aid kit, it is very difficult to choose the right one. However, together with Domesca, all your doubts about the correct choice will be dispelled, because in the "Medicine Cabinets" section there are universal models that will suit the owners of both a small space and a huge bathroom.

To choose the right one for you, look at the characteristics presented on the product page. Here you will find the brand of the manufacturer, the weight of the item, the number of pieces in the set, the assembled and packaged dimensions, shape, style and design, type of finish, materials used, components included and special features. All our models are made from materials that are safe for health and the environment, in accordance with international quality and purpose standards. For outdoor use and special conditions, you can choose a medical cabinet that is resistant to moisture, UV rays, temperature changes and other vagaries of nature.

You don't want to keep everything on the shelves, otherwise, you are afraid that your bathroom will be cluttered? You need a way to keep things out of sight, but still have easy access to them. This is where medicine cabinets come in. With its help, you have a handy hidden area to store things you use regularly. This element of the interior has several types of construction. The first is an open cabinet, which is more often used for decorative purposes in spacious bathrooms. Generally, such options are not designed to store many things. The second is a closed pick, it hides behind the doors everything that is on its shelves. 

Wall cabinets of this type are most in-demand because they are not only storage systems for the necessary hygiene products and medicines, but they also provide protection from moisture and temperature changes. These and other models are easily assembled without the help of a second person, additional tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions if something is not clear to you. The kit also includes mounting hardware for quick fixing to the wall. Our products are shipped securely packaged and carefully inspected. We guarantee full technical support at all stages of the purchase.

Speaking about the design of the cabinet, it is important to mention that the whole appearance of the bathroom can depend on it. The assortment at the Domesca online store is really large - from traditional to modern with original design characteristics. Classic-style cabinets (especially Victorian) are made of wood with other materials added, including mirrors, decorative elements, and coating. Most contemporary-style medical bathroom cabinets lack the traditional frame around the mirror. It is easier to take care of the surface of such a chest since there are no places where dirt and dust accumulate. 

Models with metal frames can be attributed to a style that combines classic and modern. Medicine cabinets can also be divided into several categories, depending on the type of attachment. On the pages of Domesca, you will see built-in cabinets that not only save space but also look aesthetically pleasing. They are suitable for any interior and design system. We also have hanging items, they are easy to install on the surface, as this does not require serious preparatory work. Whether the medicine chest is surface-mounted or recessed into the wall, the great thing about this piece of interior is the built-in functionality that it adds to the bathroom. 

You get the perfect place to store important elements which you can easily reach at any time. By buying medicine cabinets at Domesca you make your bathroom more useful and comfortable, thanks to the extra space and proper storage. Regardless of the cost, style and design, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each piece of furniture and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit “Baby & Kids Bathroom Accessories”, “Bathroom Mirrors”, “Bathroom Storage”, and other categories of the Domesca catalog. High-quality and beautiful home items from the world's best manufacturers, for every taste and purpose, are at your service.