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A bedding set of the highest quality is necessary at the expense of full-fledged human rest. A properly selected set contributes to such a necessity as healthy sleep at night and good health throughout the day. In order to choose what you need, you should know how bedding sets differ from each other. The main criterion for choosing bed linen is the material or the fabric from which it is sewn. Traditionally, natural fabrics were most often used for sewing bed linen: cotton, silk, and linen. In our time, artificial and synthetic fibers, as well as mixed fabrics with the presence of both natural and artificial fibers at the same time, have appeared. All materials have their own characteristics, and thanks to the large selection at Domesca, everyone will receive something worthy and quality. 

Bamboo bedding is soft, delicate, and strong, has high antibacterial properties, and excellent air permeability, and moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporates quickly. Natural and ecologically clean raw materials, from which a beautiful fabric with antimicrobial properties, pleasant to the body, is obtained. Polycotton is a mixed fabric consisting of cotton and polyester threads. Such bedding is durable and pleasant to the body, has little shrinkage, and practically does not wrinkle. In addition, it will bounce back well and does not shed, and has good hygienic properties. Linen fabric is thin, soft, and delicate, but at the same time strong. It has good thermal insulation and hygienic properties - it perfectly repels dirt and kills bacteria from its surface, and also quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture. 

Natural silk bedding is exquisite and insanely soft and gentle because it is made from the finest natural protein fiber of the mulberry silkworm. Such products are strong and wear-resistant. They have such properties as thermoregulation, durability, and hygiene does not electrify, does not stretch, or shrink. Viscose refers to artificial fabrics and looks like a budget version of silk. Such bedding will be soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as hygienic. It does not electrify and dries quickly. It also has such properties as high hygroscopicity and air permeability. Another type of material is microfiber. Bed linen made of this artificial fabric is a relatively cheap option, which also has its advantages, including wear resistance and durability, easy to wash, dries quickly and practically does not wrinkle, has an antifungal effect, and allows air to pass through well.

If when buying bed linen fabric, we choose the color, texture, and composition based solely on our preferences and tactile sensations, then the choice of its density should be approached carefully and thoughtfully. The comfort of sleep, wear resistance, durability, and attractive appearance of the sleeping set will depend on the density. On an intuitive level, we all understand that linen with a high index will last a long time, and with a low index, it can spread after several washes. Sometimes denser bedding feels hard to the touch. But this feeling can be present only in the first days of operation. After several washes, the material will become soft, gentle, and comfortable, as thick bed linen is better permeable than thin fabric, which is why you will not be hot even on the warmest summer night.  

The density of the bedding sets directly depends on the interweaving, and the quality of the painting depends on it, because the closer the threads are to each other, the better and longer the paint stays on them. Today, calico bedding sets are among the most popular due to their high operational characteristics, environmental friendliness, affordable price, and high density. The fabric density is characterized by two indicators: linear — the number of threads per square centimeter; and superficial - the number of grams per square meter. The superficial index largely depends on the method of weaving, the twist of the thread, and the closeness of the threads.  When choosing a fabric for bed linen at Domesca, be sure to pay attention to these characteristics.

Colored bedding is a separate universe of drawings, prints, and contrasting and harmonious combinations of colors. The main thing is to choose the right shade of decor. Multicolored bed linen is a decoration of any bedroom. Printed textile products serve as a powerful decorative element. Gentle floral motifs emphasize the pastoral mood of the interior in the English style, Provence. The gray-blue-white range perfectly conveys the mood of Scandinavia. Motives in the form of cells or zigzags - aristocratic conservatism of England. Even if you don't have the funds for a complete renovation, you can change the mood of the bedroom just by playing with the color of the sheets and duvet cover. Ideally, designers advise giving preference to drawings of flowers, marine motifs, and graphic elements for peaceful sleep and relaxation

Plain bedding is a trend that has not lost its relevance for decades. Hotel complexes, world stars, and influencers share photos of luxurious bedrooms with textiles without drawings or patterns. And it has many reasons. Plain bedding has many advantages and is worth your attention. It will look relevant regardless of the season and fashion trends. Pastel shades calm the nervous system. The perfect smoothness of the satin fabric, and silk tenderness help to relax faster. The variety of prints, colors, and materials in the huge assortment of bed linen is so impressive and fascinating that when we have to choose only one set, many of us spend a lot of effort and time, but we are not always satisfied. Fortunately, in the Domesca catalog, even the most demanding buyer will find what he or she has been looking for for so long.