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ESF Furniture

Since its founding in 1996, ESF has set high standards for quality. The company aims to spread European understanding of beauty and comfort to the whole world. Actually, ESF is European Style Furniture, and that says a lot. This brand does not strive for frenzied popularity, realizing that not everyone can understand the meaning of exclusive products. In its segment of modern stylish furniture, ESF focuses on European manufacturers with a long-term reputation. Among them are Garcia Sabate, Fenicia, Franco, Arredoclassic, Fama, Dupen, Camelgroup and more. Each of these brands has an impressive track record, original design, and creativity. At last, ESF offers furniture for every taste. 

The company's collection has everything you need for family comfort: upholstered furniture, tables, chairs, transforming tables, bedrooms, walls, TV stands, and other interior items. All these products come from more than ten countries with a solid tradition of furniture making. Differing in originality, manufacturers take into account modern trends in design and practicality, which organically fit into any style of home. A variety of color and technological solutions is based on reference quality and safety. In this regard, we should mention the compliance with environmental standards of the proposed options. With all the variety of offers, ESF focuses on furniture for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.


In the 20th century, as the company rose to the pinnacle of consumer sympathy, world fame came after recognition in the United States. ESF passed this test. Today, the brand has a huge warehouse on Staten Island, which serves the needs of not only US citizens, but also Canadians. The company has received many awards at international exhibitions in America, Europe, and Asia. But not only this did win the hearts of the world community. A flexible system of orders includes the choice of colors, material, and, of course, design. It is not difficult to realize a cherished dream. It is enough to express your idea in a few simple words. By the way, the ESF collection includes not only furniture but also lighting fixtures.

Ready-made stylistic solutions are at the service of clients – classics, modernity, traditions of different eras, and many transitional options, which form the basis of healthy eclecticism. The brand is accustomed to meet the needs of the most fastidious customers, at reasonable prices. Quality assurance included. But nothing lasts forever under the moon, and some pieces of furniture wear out faster than others. This is not a problem, since you can always order spare parts through the Domesca online store. We will promptly help restore the furniture to its original luster because the comfort of our customers is a priority. You can find the ESF home items in the sections of our catalog or through the search bar. 


In the last decade of the twentieth century, when ESF was founded, the world was on the threshold of globalization. The company has tried to maximize the benefits of the coming era. Since the center of world trade is located in New York, this city was chosen as the decision-making center. From here began the conquest of America and Canada with exclusive European furniture. Recognition in the Eastern States, where the US establishment lives, has become the highest mark of quality. At the beginning of the third millennium, the brand's products cross the ocean to decorate the showrooms and interiors of world capitals. You can get acquainted with the assortment of ESF in the Domesca online store.

The company is proud of its partners. At the end of the last century, beneficial cooperation with Italian brands was established. Italy has a long tradition of making elegant and original furniture. The products of such manufacturers as Arredoclassic, Status, MCS, Euroluce, Camelgroup, Piermaria, Formerin, New Trend Concepts, Satis, and so on are at your service. Reference furniture is offered by Spanish brands: Suinta, Gamamobel, Pure Designs, Garcia Sabate, Vizcaíno, Fama, Fenicia, Nacher, Franco, and others. Thanks to ESF, the world has learned about quality home items from Portugal (CutCut), Poland (Gala), and other countries. Trademark history is written not only by manufacturers and sales managers. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement for the international furniture importer.