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Coaster Furniture

A cozy modern home is everyone's dream. Today, decorating your apartment in such a way that it is comfortable for all household members and guests who often come to visit will not be difficult, because many brands follow fashion trends and create unique furniture models that are in perfect harmony with any interior style of decoration. In the modern world, there are a lot of companies, both large and small, engaged in the production of furniture. Focusing on fundamental things when choosing furniture, any client is looking for one that can provide a quality product at a low price. And after a long time of tedious searching for the perfect brand, the Coaster becomes your salvation. All their furniture is produced according to simple and understandable rules, which is why it is a pleasure to cooperate with this company. 

Upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture, furniture for children's rooms, offices, or kitchens - Coaster provides a wide assortment of options that are suitable for your premises. From familiar classics to outrageous design novelties – more than a thousand variations of furniture for every taste are waiting for their owner. A huge range of products is constantly updated with new models. Over the years of its existence, the company has assembled a professional team of high-level specialists who are engaged in one favorite thing. Extensive experience and a high level of professionalism allow manufacturers to produce furniture of any complexity. Many buyers have already been satisfied with the finished orders, and the customer base is constantly replenished.


Coaster is a team of professionals who have imagination, the ambition to create, and great knowledge of this question. This is a global brand, for which the desires of the client always come first, so every feedback is very important for this company because it is an opportunity to improve the service and production of furniture. Developing a culture of uncompromising respect within the team has resulted in performance that creates a superior brand experience with consumers and positive growth that is good for long-term cooperation with reliable partners-dealers. The company regularly generates new collections, where simple elegant lines are combined with homeliness and comfort, and functionality is mixed with perfect execution.

The brand has several divisions created for different needs. “Coaster Everyday" and “Coaster Essence” contain simple, but at the same time elegant furniture for the whole house. If your main goal is to furnish your home with taste and without frills, this section will definitely help you. If you are a fan of the sophistication and unusual forms or you want to create a dream home in different styles (for example modern, high-tech, or loft), then specifically for the sake of such desires, the company placed the goods in the “Coaster  Elevation” category. Understanding how important it is to choose the perfect mattress, the brand's team took care of your health and the condition of your children, that is why the company workers created the “Coaster Sleep” section. 


Since opening back in 1981, Coaster has focused on setting the industry standard for home improvement companies by exceeding expectations. As an innovative importer and distributor of stylish furniture, the brand has grown into a leader known for its exceptional value, fast customer service, and innovative products that cater to the consumer's top desires. Today, the brand boasts a high level of trust in North America. With nearly a thousand employees, Coaster has expanded to 9 distribution centers across the country. The team never stops and strives to support its partners and customers with prompt service and hassle-free delivery. Coaster offers a huge range of products for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen, as well as a wide selection of casual and formal home office equipment with accent decor that will subtly highlight the character of the owner of the space.

Coaster was created to provide you with products that will embody all your ideas, fantasies, and desires, as well as interior elements with a competent combination of the necessary technical parameters and the functional content of the furniture. There is no doubt that it can transform your home or apartment in an instant. Modern pieces of furniture from Coaster can have a completely different look, but at the same time, they have all the necessary characteristics: pleasant appearance, exactly matching the taste and preferences of the customer, functionality, aesthetics, and strength. For manufacturing, only the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials are used, which have the most correct and accurate price-quality ratio.