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Whiteline Furniture

The founder of Whiteline Hadi Sebaaly belongs to the Eastern cultural tradition, for which luxury and sophistication are inextricably linked with each other. Today, the whole world is open to new trends and exotic ideas, so the emergence of young manufacturers with oriental thinking on the furniture market has become possible and welcome. Meet Whiteline Modern Living, where maximum comfort and exquisite pleasure are intertwined in a passionate embrace, in every piece of furniture and in every accessory. The oriental chic of the Baghdad caliphs has crept into Western culture through many small details that enrich and complement the main design. The refined luxury of bygone civilizations comes to life in Whiteline Modern Living. 

Hospitality in the Eastern world reaches unprecedented proportions. The traditional love for wanderers (who crossed the threshold of the house) is now sublimated in household items that people from the Asian continent offer to the descendants of the Vikings and cowboys. Western man lacks the wholeness and consonance that the Eastern consciousness can give. Meet modern and elegant furniture, created by the best designers of the world according to the classic models of Western and Eastern traditions. Can a marital bed evoke the luxurious sleep of a Thousand and One Nights? Can you see the odalisques from the heavenly harem in the reflection of the Whiteline mirror? Yes, if you wish it. We live in an era when dreams come true, in the bold and talented creations of young designers and manufacturers.


Whiteline Modern Living does not offer the wild exotics of Africa or the bottomless depths of the Japanese-Chinese tradition. The furniture of the young American brand is more pragmatic and understandable for the heirs of cowboys and conquistadors. You can see stylish and elegant home furnishings in the offices and homes of North and South American consumers who value comfort and practicality. Every day, they open up new facets in Whiteline's reliable and durable furniture. Life can be filled with interesting discoveries if you surround yourself with objects of refined luxury and sophisticated style. A wide range of beautiful and functional pieces are at the service of connoisseurs of comfort and practicality.

Whiteline furniture is made from durable and reliable materials, in full compliance with international quality and emission standards. Durable timber for frames and countertops is designed to last for decades. Natural and artificial materials can be used for upholstery, painted in pleasant and soft shades, to create harmony in rooms of any style and purpose. Traditional and modern solutions complement each other in designs for the office, living room, bedroom, dining room, as well as outdoor and gaming furniture. Wall decorations and home lighting are also available. Comfort can be ideal despite aesthetic differences and preferences. Let all flowers bloom, says the brand chief designer Stanley Jay Friedman.


Founder and CEO Hadi Sebaaly lives with his family in Miami, where Whiteline Modern Living is headquartered. For fifteen years, the brand has gained a strong position in the furniture market of both Americas. This became possible not only due to the successful location of production facilities in Florida, from where it is convenient to export products to the north and south. A well-thought-out management system allows for lightning-fast implementation of technical innovations and creative solutions. In addition, Whiteline is a friendly family, so the opinion of each employee is taken into account and respected. Each client becomes a close relative, and the furniture is made with love and diligence. You can feel it in every detail and every design.

Whiteline has become a symbol of uncompromising quality and absolute comfort. Founder and CEO Hadi Sebaaly managed to gather around him real professionals who sincerely love their job. The brand's portfolio is constantly expanding, and today connoisseurs of comfort can choose from a wide range of home items for any space. There are also night and vanity tables, mirrors, dressers, sideboards, cabinets, bar and counter stools, TV stands, consoles and many other pieces at the service of demanding customers. Whiteline offers not just furniture, but a philosophy of life in which comfort is created on the basis of impeccable quality in every detail and the preservation of the best traditions of craftsmanship.