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A pillow is one of the main attributes necessary for quality rest and recovery. In tandem with the mattress, this bedding provides support for the neck and back, proper positioning, and relaxation of the body before sleep. The days when we slept only on feather pillows are long gone. The Domesca assortment will easily satisfy the wishes of every member of the family, taking into account the peculiarities related to health. Selecting a pillow for individual use is an important and responsible activity, as it affects a person's well-being and mood throughout the day. Choosing only based on visual or price criteria is not a very good idea. First of all, you should pay attention to the composition, size, and shape, as well as take into account all the individual features of the body of the person for whom you actually choose it.

Today, the textile industry creates many pillows for sleep. They are classified according to various parameters capable of satisfying any human needs. In the catalogs of bed pillows, you can find adult models (volumetric products of different heights, widths, softness, and filling, intended for use by a person with a fully formed, healthy spinal system); children's (models of small size, minimum height, often fixed shape, moderately rigid. They are divided into several subspecies, depending on age and purpose); classic (pillows with soft filling, simple geometric shapes: rectangle, square); and anatomical (pillows of complex shapes, combining soft and hard elements, height differences, necessary for the most comfortable, natural positioning of the head and neck in the lying position).

The shape of the bed pillow and its level of stiffness can greatly affect the quality of rest. Square models are best suited for those who like to sleep on their backs. Those who often roll over in their sleep and prefer to rest on their side should pay attention to rigid rectangular pillows. Round bed pillows are most often decorative, but there are also those that are suitable for sleeping for people with individual preferences and special needs. Triangular pillows with cutouts for the neck are a great solution for short-term rest during the day or while traveling, but they are clearly not suitable for a full night's sleep. The range of orthopedic pillows mostly consists of many sections and has an uneven roller-like shape with notches that provide support for the neck and head in the most correct position from the point of view of anatomy.

When deciding how hard your bed pillow should be, you should take into account both your own tastes and your weight and body structure. It is believed that the higher the weight, the harder the pillow should be. But your comfort should also be taken into account, so rely on your own feelings as well. If you have spinal problems, experts advise trying a firmer pillow because it will provide better support for your head and neck. In addition, people who sleep on their stomachs often choose low and soft pillows. Those who sleep on their back prefer pillows of medium hardness, and those who like to sleep on their side prefer high and rather hard models. If you constantly turn over, you need a low, soft pillow that can be easily adjusted to different positions.

Bed pillow manufacturers actively use both natural and synthetic materials for filling, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The list of natural fillers includes fluff, feathers, buckwheat husks, rice hulls, hop cones, the latex of natural origin, flax and hemp fiber, sheep's wool, cotton, silk, etc. Synthetic materials for filling pillows: silicone, artificial latex, holo-fiber, sintepon, materials with a memory effect, and many others. Which of the existing fillers to choose is up to you. A fluff and feather pillow will always be one of the best means for a comfortable sleep. Such products provide excellent support for the head and neck and allow air to pass through well. 

One of the natural anti-allergic fillers is sheep wool. Wool gives warmth and at the same time keeps its shape well. Such a filling is interesting in that it retains heat and the surface of the pillow will always be warm. This product is suitable for people who love a warm bed. If a person is allergic or asthmatic - bamboo fiber is ideal for this situation. Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic, so sleeping on such pillows becomes calm and comfortable. Another advantage of this filling is that bamboo absorbs moisture and therefore the pillow takes the shape of the head. After sleeping, it is recommended to dry the pillow. The most popular pillow filling is "fluff-feather". When choosing such a filling, you should pay attention to the percentage of materials, because your comfort depends on it. Often a combination of materials: fluff - 2%, feather - up to 90%.

Silicone filling is a hollow siliconized polyester fiber, which makes the material hypoallergenic. Silicone pillows are very light, quickly take their original shape, easy to care for. Such pillows can be bought for children. Polyester fiber is made from polyester. It is produced by processing coal tar and oil. Thus, the springiness of the material is obtained: the pillow always keeps its shape, but at the same time it takes the shape of the head well during sleep. This material has become an excellent substitute for natural, but only if it is made from quality materials. Microfiber is a new-generation material that is used both in the manufacture of fabric and as a filler for pillows. This is perhaps the best substitute for fluff.