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Table + Floor Lamps

Lamps are not only one of the main elements of the interior, they are also an opportunity to create a great composition and implement several lighting options. For reading books, working with documents, drawing, knitting, etc. certain lamps are suitable. And every kind of activity requires lighting that is comfortable and safe for the eyes. And Domesca will help you decide which option is right for you in everyday life. The section "Floor & Table Lamps" contains the best models, and they are ready to be in your home and make you happy.

A floor lamp is a very convenient option, it can be easily moved to the desired part of the room at any time. Modern products of this type are very diverse, especially the choice of lampshade: conical, cylindrical, non-standard shape, and others. Which option you choose depends on the purpose of the floor lamp. If you just want to create a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax or make an accent in your room, the original and unusual shapes of the lampshade are perfect for you.

Do you want to provide full-fledged illumination of the space? We advise you to take a look at our minimalistic and very practical models with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. In addition, in small rooms, such floor lamps may well act as the main source of light. And for large places, Domesca offers to buy several lamps for different corners of the room: near the sofa, table, wardrobe, and stylishly complement them. It is necessary to highlight floor lamps in the kitchen because they must be waterproof. They also need to be protected from heavy pollution, so pay attention to our options made of plastic, glass, and metal.

The choice of table lamps in Domesca is so large that we divided them into different classification criteria. The first is the type of power supply: a socket or a USB port. There are advantages to each option - lamps from the socket cord can be used for an unlimited number of hours, and wireless ones can be placed anywhere and provide surface illumination during frequent power outages. Also, wireless models often have the function of changing the tone of the lighting. That is, you can choose both a colder and a warmer shade, depending on many factors. In addition, they are very light, you can take them with you on the trip and never stop doing important things at work or school.

The second criteria is the type of purpose of the lamp. Offices always need better lighting, so Domesca has taken care to provide its customers with worthy models. Office lamps on the pages of our store are energy-saving, adjustable in height and direction of light, and also have a concise color and design. If you need decorative lamps, your imagination is unlimited. Great design work, luxurious colors, and an expensive look - all this describes the models in Domesca. They will harmoniously fit into your space and will serve for many years.

Touch lamps also have the function of changing the mode and brightness. You can read a book in its entirety or place it as a dimmed night light. They greatly increase the overall level of comfort and are easy to use. They also have an attractive appearance, as the buttons on the case do not stick out. Don't know what to give your nephew or younger sister? Such a lamp will be an ideal way out because the number of colors and practicality will please people of different ages. And the price of goods in our store will also amaze everyone.

Choosing a lampshade should not be a burden, but an exciting search, because you can complete the look of the interior in one step. If you want to make this element the centerpiece of your room, don't be afraid to go for a bright red or elegant gold option. Pastel shades are for those who just want to compliment or highlight a finished look. When choosing the height of the base of the lamp and lampshade, you need to take into account the fact that for bedrooms the best option would be to place a lamp at eye level, because it’ll be more comfortable. In any case, whatever choice you make, be sure that in Domesca you’ll find all the possibilities for implementing ideas!