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ACME Furniture

Thirty-five years. Is it a lot or a little in a person's life? How about a contemporary furniture brand? At thirty-five, an individual becomes a fully formed personality and gives birth to children. A brand at this age is flourishing if it has set a goal and chosen the right means to achieve it. This is about ACME, an up-and-coming manufacturer from Los Angeles that offers a wide variety of styles and pieces to suit all tastes and preferences. Its founders have already reached a venerable age and now enjoy the fruits of their hands. ACME really took place, and this fully corresponds to the meaning of the activity and the name of the brand. It declared itself in the world of discerning connoisseurs of home comfort and sophisticated luxury. 

The name of the company can be translated from ancient Greek as the highest point in development, and in this sense, ACME has really reached it. What was planned by the founders came true, that is, an inclusive brand for exclusive customers was created. It offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor furniture pieces in different styles and designs. This corresponds to another interpretation of the name – A Company that Makes Everything. ACME tried to satisfy the maximum range of aesthetic preferences and purposes, including youth furniture and stylish accessories. Impeccable quality, safe materials and reasonable prices – these are the three pillars on which the worldwide recognition of this reputable brand from California is based.


Practice shows that it is better to buy furniture from one manufacturer. This will avoid annoying eclecticism, which often worsens family comfort. ACME offers a wide range of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and studios. The catalog also includes a variety of pieces for outdoor use and accessories: accent tables and chairs, benches and ottomans, clocks, floor mirrors, kitchen islands and serving carts, storage, fireplaces, wardrobes, lighting, vanities, decors and more. The so-called youth furniture is high-quality and practical pieces in a minimalist style. They are suitable for young families, student residences and roadside motels. Absolute comfort for every taste and income level should be available to everyone, ACME designers are convinced. 

This inclusive brand offers its customers a large selection of exclusive collections: Glam Mirrored, Velvet Bling Upholstery, Hollywood Impressions, Console Art Decor, Lavish Traditional, Urban Industrial Chic, Neoclassic French Fusion, Traditional Elegance and so on. Each of them contains comfortable and elegant items, related in spirit and style. Genuine leather sofas, loveseats, recliners, sectionals, coffee tables, TV consoles, servers, bars and much more are available to demanding customers. A wide variety of original pieces are presented in the "Home Office and Studio" section. Interior harmony is an essential component of absolute home comfort, according to ACME designers. However, lovers of eclectic style can also model the appropriate environment.


Since its founding in Los Angeles in 1985, ACME has set itself the lofty but achievable goal of satisfying the needs of as many home lovers as possible. A subtle sense of stylistic nuances and fashion trends has allowed the brand to win the hearts of discerning customers in major US metropolitan areas. ACME offices opened in San Francisco, New York City, New Jersey, Texas, Atlanta, Miami and so on. What is popular in the US will be popular all over the world. Satisfying the demands of a growing number of customers, factories in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil and Taiwan appear one after another. Impeccable quality can be combined with an affordable price. This is proven in every piece of furniture and every accessory released under the ACME label. 

The young American is sensitive to the opinions and needs of the consumer audience, creating original and practical furniture in different designs and sizes. The house can become a personal paradise for everyone, according to ACME designers. True home comfort is available in large and small spaces, in any country where the quality products of this Californian company can reach. The number of such countries is expanding every year. This is not surprising, since true comfort knows no bounds. ACME works for everyone who appreciates classic simplicity, security and integrity in every piece of furniture and accessory. This is the main secret of the growing popularity of the young US manufacturer around the world.