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Oggetti Furniture

The best traditions of furniture art do not die if there are brands like Oggetti. France and Italy laid the foundation for the European attitude to comfort. This fully applies to the production of furniture. For many centuries, both countries formed a style for the whole of Europe, and then for America and numerous colonies, involved in the orbit of the Greco-Roman civilization. Italy revived the ancient ideal of beauty and passed the baton to France. Today, the French and Italian traditions of furniture art are continuing, and developed by Oggetti. The designers of this brand believe that perfection is a horizon to which one can strive forever, without fatigue and boredom. Why is this brand so successful? Because it anticipates the desires of its customers.

Subtle luxury effortlessly manifests itself in every piece and mirror, in every accessory and quilt. Comfort is a multi-level pleasure that starts with a delight for the eyes. A sleek and exquisite dining table, inspired by the antique standard, will fit well in any interior, but will be especially desirable in the classic one. The founder of the company, Annito Raiola, is convinced that the ancient ideal of beauty has absorbed all the best achievements of mankind. This opinion is completely correct, considering that the ancient Greeks traveled almost the whole world and learned a lot from different peoples, including the Chinese and Hindus. Classics are the basis by which all modern styles and creative solutions are guided. 


Nothing over the top in creating the perfect home comfort. This is the principle of the Oggetti designers. They believe that comfort is not only a fresh surprise, but also a long-term experience of using furniture. The company offers durable and reliable pieces for the living room, kitchen, dining room, home office and outdoor spaces. The portfolio includes a large selection of seatings – wishbone, bentwood and cross back, upholstered and outdoor chairs, as well as bar stools and ottomans. Lovers of refined comfort will enjoy visiting a carefully selected collection of vintage tables for various purposes. The catalog contains a wide range of console tables, bedside, coffee and dining tables, desks, as well as elegant and modern office furniture.

Outdoor furniture can be elegant, aesthetic and super reliable, which means using materials that are resistant to sudden temperature changes, moisture, UV rays and insects. It is these pieces that Oggetti offers to its discerning customers. A snugly and exquisite quilt is a luxurious gift for homelovers that ensures a comfortable and sound sleep. The brand is proud to present an extensive collection of cozy blankets made from natural Australian wool. These breathable quilts regulate body temperature, being in demand in countries with cold winters and lack of central heating. Mirrors from Oggetti in the French Provincial style are designed for true ladies and gentlemen for whom appearance is of great importance. 


The first Oggetti store opened back in 1984 in Rosanna, the suburb of Melbourne. Australia appreciates and loves pieces made in Europe, and a small retail shop selling fine Italian and French furniture, porcelain and art craft surprised no one. However, not ordinary sellers worked here, but zealous fans of the refined European style. They managed to win the hearts of thousands of Australians and grow into a wholesale business across the continent. Oggetti sold only original products, made by the best Italian and French craftsmen in accordance with the highest canons of quality. The brand's catalog also includes the famous Capodimonte craft, Limoges porcelain and antique furniture, made in Europe using modern production technologies.

For thirty years, Oggetti has been able to create an international image and become a symbol of exclusive quality. Today, brand products are ordered by customers from different countries on all continents – for private apartments and estates, hospitality businesses and luxury hotels, fashion salons and ateliers. Classical comfort can be accessible to everyone, according to company founder Annito Raiola, at affordable prices and without restrictions. In the new millennium, the famous Australian brand continues to delight people with refined tastes with fresh ideas and elegant pieces of furniture for every whim. Perfect comfort is always focused on antique designs, says the founder of Oggetti. The company still adheres to this principle.