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Rove™ - Berlin Modular Sectional

Rove™ - Diane Sofa


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Rove™ - Nico Sofa


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Are you going to change the style of your living room and update the interior elements, making your space cozy? Here, on Domesca, your desire of adding something special to your interior will come true. We know how nice it is to get what you want, and when expectations match reality. Domesca’s products exist for lovers of quality furniture that will serve you and your family for years. Therefore, we have placed in our catalog only charming elements such as upholstered chairs, spacious bookshelves, cabinets with multiple compartments, and roomy sofas with comfortable backs that will perfectly complement your home.

For example, let's take a look at sofas made of velvet fabric with chrome-plated nail heads on the handles. You can look at it for hours: neat, no-frills, but at the same time so elegant and attractive. Moreover, there is both a two- and three-seater option. So you can safely choose furniture on our website, knowing that for you there is a thing for any area and family. Or do you need seating for one? The choice of chairs is a special kind of pleasure. Even if you don't know what you want, among our variety you will find something suitable for you: from white to espresso, from plain to striped, from gel leather to velvet. Domesca chairs are different, but they all have two things in common: comfort and durability.

A table is not just a surface on which you can put a newspaper, a cup of coffee, or a plate of fruit.  At least if it’s a table from Domesca, where you can choose the option that will represent you and your preferences. It is hard not to notice the glass model with abstract legs, with a remarkable visual effect. And the base with oak and walnut finish will ensure the durability of the product. Just by placing a table like this in the living room, you will completely transform the atmosphere of the place making it more fun, more enjoyable, and warmer.

When it comes to filling the living room, you need to take it seriously. Choosing the right furniture is worth considering not only its appearance but also its functionality. In Domesca there are display cabinets, which at first sight are small, but in fact, they can fit much more on their shelves and in drawers. Taking up little space, this elegant and graceful cabinet will solve your problem of where to put the essentials without cluttering up the space. But don’t forget that Domesca has a choice of colors even among standard things.

Continuing to talk about versatility, we offer you to take a look at other products on Domesca. A TV stand with a push-to-open system that combines style and capacity is the perfect option for those who are used to always getting the very best. Domesca also took into account the preferences of the minimalists, adding modern and eye-catching coffee tables and bookcases to the catalog. Are you tired of frills? We provide you with unornamented but modish room items, so you don’t have to find something worthy anymore.

You don't want to get tired of putting together a set with matching elements? Taking care of the time and energy of our customers, we decided to simplify the already difficult life and place a set of 5-6 elements on our website. A wide LED TV stand, side storage cabinets with a glossy surface, sturdy shelves for any little things - all this is already waiting for you! Moreover, there are different colors: white and black or just white, as well as a walnut design. Seeing this set for the first time, you’ll want to look at it every day at home.

Are you looking for a wide sofa that will have enough space for all your friends at your evening gatherings and which turns into a bed? Are you interested in such furniture that is suitable for beautiful photos on your social networks? Do you want  to see a table that will take your breath away every time or do you love books so much that you urgently need new shelves for them that will be different from everyone else? In all these situations, Domesca is happy to help you, because we value our customers and provide you with only what is worth your attention.