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Eminent designers fell in love with modular furniture. As a rule, this implies interesting tasks that can be solved in an unconventional way. Lovers of unusual approaches must be happy with a large selection of original pieces of upholstered furniture. Sectionals are in demand in modern homes as much as transformers. This is not surprising, given the freedom of action they provide. The sectional sofa can be transformed into a seat in which it is convenient to drink morning tea or write a report for a scientific conference. Then the weary genius adds another module or two and stretches out on them in a pleasant slumber. It is very easy to assemble or disassemble such a structure, since the sectionals are light in weight and easy to connect.

Sections can be added as guests increase in the living room and taken away as they leave home. Modular furniture with legs is less mobile than wheeled design, but looks more elegant in aristocratic salons. This useful resident of your apartment can “travel” from room to room in its separate parts, crawl like a worm at a corner, or stretch along a wall. In the Domesca online store, you will find two-, three- and even four-seater sectionals. Design them in the form of a corner, a square, or in some other way. The furniture set must be a very functional item for the home. In some models, you can choose not only the number of sections but also options for backs, armrests, and pillows. The sectionals are appropriate not only in small apartments. If a large sofa can be turned into a small amphitheater around a fireplace or a stray guitar player, why not?

Modular sofas look modern and fresh. As well as stationary models, they have their own varieties. There are low and high options, upholstered in leather, natural or synthetic fabrics. The material of the surface should be chosen by your body, as it will experience comfort or discomfort. Leather, its substitutes, and synthetic fabrics are used in public spaces, as well as on verandas and terraces. Sectional furniture covered with natural fabric will be appropriate in the bedroom, children's room, and living room. At your service, the structures that are transitional from sofa to couch, and also sectional couches in their purest form. Choose from light or dark monochrome upholstery. A dark shade will give the room a strictly official atmosphere, and a light one will add tenderness. 

Modern designers have developed several options for sectional furniture. The most popular among them are U-shaped, L-shaped, and corner sofas, as well as sun loungers. A simple and reliable connection system can be mastered by any user in a few seconds. It will take the same amount of time to implement the plan. It is very pleasant to sit on a sofa upholstered in microfiber or suede. The color scheme should fit into the interior, in harmony with the curtains and wallpaper. We also recommend that you visit other sections of the Domesca online store: “Coffee Tables”, “Console Tables”, “Living Room Furniture Sets”, “Shelves and Bookcases”, “Shelves and Bookcases”, “Pouffes and Ottomans”, Sofas and Couches” etc. There you will find many pleasant surprises.

Sectional sofas can consist of a variety of elements. Today, such a system can contain more than ten different parts, which can be moved and changed places in different ways and when you want. Moreover, most sofas are equipped with a transformation mechanism that allows you to turn them into additional sleeping places. This piece of furniture has gained great popularity largely due to its practicality because its design can be created based on the dimensions of your living room. Also, such a sofa has a large number of seats, capable of accommodating not only all family members but also their guests. Many sofas have standard dimensions and it is not so easy to find a model of the appropriate size, especially if your living room needs a sofa of a certain style. You will not have such problems with a sectional sofa.

Such furniture most of all resemble a traditional classical design. The type, shape, presence, or absence of additional items can be selected individually for the order  The sectional model of the sofa is not designed to be disassembled. This product must be integral and consist of special sections (cells, soft corners, and additions). Most harmoniously, such a sofa will fit into the design of minimalism, hi-tech, and modern. For minimalism, a sectional sofa is suitable, which is made in gray, black, or white (depending on the overall style of the living room), as well as observing the severity of the forms. If you want to slightly dilute the laconic and conservative minimalist style, then you can take a closer look at our models with unusual upholstery with eco-leather or designer decor.

High-quality upholstery material will increase the durability of your sofa. Dense cotton fabrics, leather, or their good substitute, fabrics consisting of a mixture of cotton and synthetic threads will be the best options. Regardless of the style of the interior of your living room, be it minimalism or classic, modern or hi-tech, this type of furniture can complement each of them. The variety of shades and materials of upholstery fabric in Domesca will allow you to create a unique and original model, the analogs of which do not exist. Sectional sofas are suitable both for a large family that loves to receive guests and celebrate holidays noisily and for a single person who appreciates privacy and comfort. And in this case, this piece of furniture can be used as a sleeping place. There are so many reasons to buy such a wonderful and versatile model!