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China is not only an exotic and original view of the world of things. This country with a thousand-year tradition is inhabited by craftsmen with practical minds and poetic souls. That is why we are happy to learn from them the art of pleasure and satisfaction. Despite the turbulent events of recent decades, the Celestial Empire has maintained continuity and developed traditions. Chinese furniture is created according to the principles of Feng Shui. This philosophical doctrine provides for the harmony of all elements of the universe. This is the only way to achieve peace of mind and happy life. East is a delicate matter. If you are an adherent of one of the Oriental teachings, do not forget about the household items around you. They must match.

In the “Chinese Cabinets” section, very elegant and sophisticated pieces of furniture are presented. Such a chest of drawers can continue a series of exotic things that you fill your home with. It will also easily fit into a modern interior style or a classic British office. Do not forget that oriental exoticism has been decorating the homes of English aristocrats for several centuries. Just watch the adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's story “The Heart of Four”. Do not forget that the exotic in the interior is a sign of prosperity and a broad outlook. But it's not just about that. Things according to Chinese recipes are practical and convenient. They will look beautiful in any interior. Here you will find oriental furniture for the kitchen, dining room, living room, and private office.

There are narrow and wide, high and low, squat and rather slender Chinese cabinets. In our collection, you will find models for small and large spaces. Some of them will fit perfectly in the corner. You can store dishes and linen, books and CDs in them. Some Chinese cabinets completely cover their contents, others put them on display. Traditionally, they are made of cherry wood, but modern manufacturers are expanding the material base and the range of design solutions. The name reflects the style but does not indicate the country where the furniture is made. Feng Shui and other Chinese finds have long belonged to all mankind. If you strive to create an original environment around you, Domesca experts are happy to help you with this.

Chinese exoticism implies the deep practicality of each item for the home. Any jewelry is created according to the recipes of ancient masters and has a positive effect on homeostasis in the body. This is the essence of the Chinese worldview, which seeks and finds benefit in the most insignificant element of decor. Chinese cabinets will interact with you even when you don't notice them. Let the millennial culture enter your home and transform your world. Not all traditions are outdated and have lost their meaning. Take a look at the elegant Chinese cabinet and feel it with a sixth sense. Today, the tradition enters our homes as exotic. The era of a cheap life may end, but objects dear to your heart will remain with you forever.

A cabinet for storing china is one of the most necessary furniture attributes of a living room or kitchen. It is installed in different rooms not only as a stand for dishes, but also serves as an element of decor, because the abundance of glossy surfaces creates a festive atmosphere, and transforms the environment. Their characteristic feature is glass doors, thanks to which the contents can be seen, as in a showcase. This placement option is often used as an accent in interior design, especially popular in a classic style. The purpose of the cabinet in the dining room is not limited to stocking china, but exquisite ceramic and porcelain products, antique pieces, and figurines are also perfectly placed here. Such a showcase will emphasize the excellent taste of the owners, and create a pleasant climate in the house.

The dimensions of the living room do not always allow you to put a beautiful glass showcase. In this case, you can opt for a small cabinet with a glass facade and internal lighting. When the house is spacious enough with a separate dining area, a display cabinet will be the best solution for storing dishes and all other table settings. It will be convenient, and at the same time, beautiful. Domesca online store offers many options for this piece of furniture. The china cabinet will create a feeling of lightness in the room, thanks to the use of glass, which will make the showcase visually soft.  The glass will add light and solemnity to the room without overloading the space. Carved patterns and vintage fittings will become an artistic decoration for this room.

What else is good about this interior element? If you put a display cabinet in the room, you no longer have to think about where to put the dishes and dinnerware that you don’t use at normal times. All things will have their place on the shelf, and you will get free space and clean, unloaded tables. In our catalog, you can choose a model that will fit both in large halls and in small living rooms. When designing a living room, such products must be chosen taking into account the size of the space and the objects that will be in it. But you don't need to worry about not being able to find the perfect model because our team has tried to ensure that each client with different needs, financial capabilities, and room sizes can get what he or she wants.