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Weight training equipment is a type of sports equipment that is designed to enhance the effect of training. Models are produced for different muscle groups, load levels, and methods of operation. The work of weight simulators is based on a single principle - with the help of weighting with a load, increases pressure on the muscles during movements. Weight training equipment is actively used, not only to gain muscle mass but also to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Domesca has a huge selection of such items for all muscle groups. When choosing a weight simulator, take an interest in its main characteristics. After all, the frame of the simulator must be made of durable sheet steel. In addition, the racks, the cross-section of which is five by seven centimeters, must ensure the strength of the frame.  High-quality trainers are powder coated to resist sweat and corrosion.

Based on what exactly is used as weights, all weight simulators are divided into 3 basic types: for working with your own weight; with built-in weight; with free weight. The first group of sports equipment includes models for working with free weights: barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells. Some machines can be used for bodyweight exercises such as hyperextensions and sit-ups. For example, a power frame is a parallelepiped-shaped structure consisting of interconnected steel strips. Designed to perform squats with a barbell on the shoulders, bench press, and other exercises where a safety net is needed. Power benches are designed to perform exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. There are straight and inclined benches, adjustable and fixed. Multifunctional and versatile options allow you to engage in a complex, working out several muscle groups.

The second type includes exactly those models that are installed in gyms, namely multi-stations and narrowly focused block simulators. Multi-stations are universal block complexes designed to work out different muscle groups. Typical models of machines include equipment for the top pull, chest press, advancing arms, and legs. Narrowly targeted block simulators are designed to strengthen and build one specific muscle group. Block simulators with built-in weights, as a rule, are designed to perform one movement and work out a specific muscle group. But there are also power centers with built-in weights that can replace a number of individual simulators and allow you to load several muscle groups. Such simulators are the safest for independent use: when performing exercises, they set a fixed trajectory of movements and regulate the position of the body. They are great for beginner athletes.

Weight complexes are simulators with wide functionality. They combine several training zones to work out different muscle groups. The large functionality of weight simulators allows you to perform a variety of exercises and work out any muscle group. Smart design ensures the safety of training. Proper biomechanics and smoothness of movement reduce the load on the joints and ligaments. The choice of weights and dumbbells for the home is influenced by current fitness indicators. It is recommended to start with small weights - from 1-4 kilograms. As these indicators increase, the weight increases too. It is easier to control the center of gravity of weights and use them as weighting agents, performing exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars if they have hand clamps. Training with them increases strength and muscle mass. 

Smith machine is a vertical metal frame with a bar along the guides and limiters. The simulator allows you to work out the muscles of the legs, arms, back, and torso using vertical movements (bench press, squat, etc.). For training with the Smith machine, barbells or dumbbells with Olympic standard discs are used. On the sides of the weight simulator, there are racks for storing inventory. Advanced models of the Smith machine come with top and bottom links, a bench, and more. Since the movements with it are smooth and natural, the Smith machine is a safe simulator. Models with additional zones can be combined with various sports accessories. This increases the possibilities for strength training. Smith machines often do not have a bench built into them. It is worth buying at Domesca separately. We recommend choosing benches with adjustable backrests. Such models are suitable for athletes of different heights and levels of physical fitness.

All weight simulators help to increase the level of preparedness of athletes, work on relief, gain muscle mass and increase strength characteristics and endurance. In the Domesca model range, you can choose equipment for various classes. The base for weight exercises is a bench. With it, you can perform a variety of exercises with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other sports equipment. In addition, the bench can be an auxiliary tool for warming up the legs. For lightweight training, you will need several dumbbells. It is better for women to purchase solid dumbbells weighing 1, 3, and 5 kg. Such equipment has a small grip and is optimally suited for fitness with weights. For men, we recommend collapsible dumbbells. They have a thick neck and allow you to bring the weight up to 16-20 kg. This feature allows you to build mass and avoid muscle habituation.

An important characteristic of strength training equipment is the quick change of weights without additional effort. The effectiveness of training on a power simulator also depends on convenient adjustments that allow you to reduce the various transformations of the equipment, moving from exercise to exercise during training. In addition, there are a lot of additional devices on power simulators  These include cuffs, with the help of which both the outer and inner parts of the thighs are worked out; loops that allow you to train the muscles of the hands and the press; additional traction, and so on. When buying a weight simulator at Domesca, you need to remember that haste is not appropriate here. After all, sports equipment is purchased for many years. We cooperate only with trusted sports equipment companies, among them OVICX and CLIMBR, which have proven over the years of their existence that they can be trusted.