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Harbour™ Antigua Square Side Table - Aluminum Taupe
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Harbour™ Lucca Round Side Table - Travertine Natural

Functionality is no longer the only criterion by which home furniture, lighting fixtures, and other useful items are selected. The fantasy of designers knows no restraints, fueled by the desire of customers to purchase an original and aesthetic thing. For some categories of household items, the creativity of manufacturers is simply out of control. The furniture industry offers completely exotic models, for example, in the form of a stump or a honeycomb. Buy this side table if you like the jungle setting. Some products are quite original, and all of them are absolutely reliable and have a reference quality. 

The functional features of coffee tables and side tables can be quite extraordinary, so get ready for surprises. Foremost, the height of the piece of furniture matters. If you are used to working on the floor in Turkish fashion, it is natural to choose a low table. Some very practical options come with adjustable height. They are made of plastic, portable, and can be easily carried from the room to the veranda, and even under the spreading canopy of an old oak tree. All of our models are made from durable and safe materials that comply with global quality and emission standards. You can find information about them on the product page. 

Here you will also learn about the brand of the manufacturer, weight and dimensions of the item, included components and special features. There are coffee and side tables with several tiers. On the one hand, you can sit in oriental style, and on the other – on a regular sofa or chair. The range also includes sets of side and coffee tables. Each item in the set is designed in the same style. If you are worried about the unity of style in your home, this option will suit you. These pieces of furniture you can purchase in the Domesca online store. Visit “Pouffes and Ottomans”, “Sofas and Couches”, “Sectionals” and other sections. 

You may like elegant and practical sets of three tables of different heights. Some tables are multifunctional - they can also be used as stools. But before you sit down on such a piece, check the product description for the weight it can support. Our models are easy to assemble without additional tools and special skills. If you have purchased a model with an incredible design from us, a step-by-step instruction will help you. Pay attention to folding tables. They can be taken to the beach, picnic or barbecue in the backyard. When folded, these coffee and side tables do not take up much space in the trunk or backpack.

Elegance is the main criterion for choosing a coffee table. It is for this reason many models have a glass top. There's no use looking at the floor through the coffee table, but the transparency makes the interior lighter and airier. In such rooms, it is even easier to breathe, especially in the morning. The wooden surface makes the table somewhat heavier and is suitable for people prone to solidity. The marble countertop looks very luxurious. It is perfect for an antique-style room and for a tea party with a valuable business partner. The marble coffee table can be placed in the living room, patio, balcony, man cave and even the gunroom.

Aluminum coffee and side tables look very practical. Home objects made of this soft metal can be given the most bizarre shape, which is what inventive designers do. Lightweight aluminum tables are not subject to corrosion in open spaces and in wet areas. All models for outdoor use must be resistant to moisture, temperature changes, UV rays, dirt and insects. To achieve this, the table frame is covered with a special scratch-resistant powder layer. Horizontal surfaces are treated with varnish or paint. Coffee tables with a metal frame and a wheelbase are very popular. This model can be used as a trolley to deliver breakfast to the bedroom, to a loved one.

If you like to work or drink coffee with your legs outstretched, you'll love the one-leg option. Side tables, as a rule, are equipped with drawers or containers for storing things. In the online store Domesca, you will find models of square, rectangular, and round shapes. The side table disguised as a barrel looks very original. The frame of some models is a wire mesh. It is good for storing pillows (and holding the naughty kids or cats). You can also visit our other sections: “Chairs and Seating”, “Console Tables”, “Poufs and Ottomans”, “Loveseats”, “Couches and Sofas” etc. We guarantee favorable prices, safe transportation, and prompt delivery to any place.