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To some, pillow shams may seem like old-fashioned accessories that are unnecessary in a modern home. The owners of futuristic and industrial-style apartments are trying to reduce the number of soft objects. They do this until they have children of their own. Then they begin to understand the meaning of fluffy toys and soft pillow shams. The baby needs caring hands and friendly objects that lie in all the rooms of the dwelling where he or she spends his or her childhood. To better understand human nature, look at the monkey and other mammals. Industrial style is not for them. Family comfort is also the soft and beautiful items that create a friendly and calm atmosphere. 

Pillow shams are the last thing you need when your home is filled with high-quality and practical furniture in accordance with your aesthetic preferences. This does not mean that these useful accessories are only to be remembered after the completion of the modeling. Keep them in mind when you order curtains and wallpapers, decor and window treatment, display shelves and candleholders, mirrors and wall clocks, and ceiling and floor lighting in the Domesca online store. But even if you turned to our services only for pillowcases and shams, you will find a great solution for your interior. We will help you make the right choice!

The catalog of our store presents a wide variety of products from the world's best manufacturers. Most likely, women will be interested in a pillow sham with ruffle trim, equipped with detailed eyelet embroidery and a scalloped edge. Such little things create a real home comfort, where you want to dive after a hard day. We offer stylish and modern pillow shams, made from durable and time-tested materials that are pleasant to the touch and safe for the skin. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. One of these is polyester, which allows designers to create original prints and motifs.

An important parameter in choosing the perfect accessory is the size. It is listed on the product page. Our catalog contains standard and custom sizes for your decorative pillows. Use the easy site navigation to quickly find what you need. By the way, the mobile version of the Domesca online store is also at your service. Search and find pillow shams and other household items through your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. We work for you without breaks and weekends, at any time of the day or night. The world of beautiful and practical things is getting closer. Order them in a couple of clicks, for yourself and your loved ones. 

Stylish and beautiful, the sham pillow can be a great gift for a family member, friend, and even colleague. Of course, it would be nice to know the aesthetic preferences and style of the home of the person to whom you are going to give this accessory. But even if you do not know, our catalog has numerous options that will fit into any interior and will appeal to most connoisseurs of home comfort. Choose from monochrome options including Navy, Ivory, White, Black, Birch, Blue, Grey, Sage, and more. Some designs are inspired by the old style, such as the King Charles sham which portrays rolling arches, double diamonds, and scrolling vine details.

The pillow sham is a vintage addition to any home that creates a cozy atmosphere. Original patterns and floral or fauna motifs will appeal not only to children. The forest kingdom, imprinted on a decorative fabric, will enliven any interior and make it more human. The sham can be exotic, futuristic, or geometric, including reversible models for a quick home makeover, and pockets and zippered closures for additional functions. Such a pillow can become the residence of various small things in a cramped room where there is nowhere to put a closet or hang a shelf. A decorative item is rarely bought just for beauty.

Pillow shams allow you to create comfort quickly and cheaply in rooms that are not suitable for living, for example, in temporary or outdoor rooms. Durable synthetic materials have excellent resistance to the sun, moisture, extreme temperature changes, and other surprises of nature. But even if you live in a barn, trailer, or dorm room, don't stop dreaming of a beautiful and comfortable home filled with practical and modern furniture. Already today you can find it on our website, in the sections for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, outdoor, and so on. Dreams come true, you just have to wish.