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Cafés and restaurants try to create a unique atmosphere of fun and ease. Bar counters have a peculiar charm, where you can start a little talk and meet an interesting person. This spirit of optionality is reflected in the counter and bar stools, on which people do not sit, but rather lean their backsides. That is, you are almost standing, and at any moment you can snap your fingers and go on a further journey through the evening metropolis. Someone prefers to stand in order to eat more, and someone wants to digest what he/she eats faster. Be that as it may, many people like this specific position – and bar stools appear in apartments. You can place them in the kitchen, dining room, and even in the living room. Some people want to have a bar stool in private offices.

A stool with long legs contrasts favorably with a low chair. It is always good to change positions and move from one seat to another. Such a piece of furniture can be placed near the window to contemplate the rising or setting sun. If you cook a lot, you will also find it convenient to sit on a high chair. In household chores, there are many processes when you want to take a break, but without lowering the body into a squat chair. Sit on the counter stool. In a semi-standing position, it is convenient to watch TV, chat with friends and even train a dog. High chairs correspond to high tables, which are used to isolate objects placed on them from children or animals. Tables and chairs can also be found in “Kitchen and Living Room Furniture”.

Counter and bar stools in the Domesca online store are presented in a wide variety of styles. The simplest of them have a metal frame with a fairly rigid seat. Such items are easy to carry from room to room, to the veranda, or to the gazebo. Tubular legs can be straight or curved. Choose the one-leg option with seat rotation if you like to work in several directions at the same time. Another feature of these chairs is adjustable height. A couple of pushes on the lever – and you sit much higher or lower. At your service, solid bar stools on a metal or wooden basis. Some of them resemble armchairs, given the luxurious upholstery and high backs. Fastening bridges between legs make a model more steady. Wrought iron chair elements can be quite elegant.

Classic counters and bar stools stand on thin metal legs, but there is another solution. Our collection features a large collection of wooden chairs and armchairs that will fit perfectly into Victorian and other styles. You can choose the upholstery material, color, and height of this piece of furniture. Luxurious counters and bar stools will decorate any interior that claims to be sophisticated and original. You can also visit other sections of the Domesca online store: “Bathroom Furniture”, “Bedroom Furniture”, “Home Office Furniture”, “Outdoor and Patio Furniture”, and so on. We guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. Our goal is maximum comfort for each client, regardless of taste, religion, and other preferences.

It is often believed that the installation of a bar counter is dictated only by the style of the interior, but there are cases when a bar counter is the best practical solution.  For example, in small rooms, a bar counter replaces a dining table and takes up less space. In a studio or an apartment where the kitchen is combined with a dining room, this option zones the space. Thanks to the counter, the cooking area is separated from the living room or dining room. Several points should also be included among the advantages of such an interior solution. First, it increases the working surface in a single kitchen unit. Second, the bar counter saves space, so if you rarely eat at home or don't host parties, you won't need to buy a large table.

There are several configurations of bar counters.  When choosing a variation, they are guided by the size of the room, the number of people, and the frequency of use of the rack. A rack located along the wall is the most acceptable solution for a narrow kitchen. It can be combined with a window sill to increase the dining and working space. The zoning model is a so-called partition, which, in combination with light and color zoning, separates the kitchen from the living room or dining room. This is a great option for a studio apartment or a spacious kitchen in which you want to share cooking areas with a loved one. The bar counter is combined with the kitchen set - a way to use the space in a small kitchen as efficiently as possible. All these variations are available at Domesca.

It depends only on you and your preferences which bar stools will be installed in your house. Maybe it will be designed with backs, armrests, or just ordinary stools.  Backless stools are good because they can slide completely under the table and do not take up much space. However, this option is not very convenient, because it is difficult to sit in one position on a stool for a long time, and you will have to lean on the bar counter. For long sitting at the bar, of course, it is better to choose the option of a chair with a back. Bar stools, without leg support, are very uncomfortable, because a seated person needs to put them somewhere.  A footrest seems like an insignificant detail, but without it, you will not be able to sit comfortably at the bar for a long time.