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Clocks + Mirrors

In Ancient Greece, Time was the god Chronos. The appearance of a tower clock on the market square of the medieval city symbolized the onset of the New Time. Time is money that you haven't earned yet – any businessman will tell you this. If you don't control time, then it controls you. That is why we are so confused when we do not know what time it is. The clock streamlines our lives 24 hours a day, waking us up in the morning and lulling with measured ticking at night. That is why this item for the home is always present in the interior. 

The catalog of the Domesca online store contains mechanical and electronic watches. The first option is appropriate in the wall version. Mechanical wall clocks can be gracefully ornamented, creating additional comfort for the home. However, the main advantage of this household item is a clear and understandable dial. You don't have to look closely into the wall clock to find out what time it is. In some models, the hour hands and numbers are covered with a substance glowing in the dark. The mechanical clock makes a quiet, measured ticking sound. If that makes you feel comfortable, place an order.

Table clocks can also be mechanical. However, more and more customers prefer the electronic version. These clocks have an alarm function. When you wake up, your favorite radio station can turn on, bringing you the latest news and setting the right mood. Remember the “Groundhog Day”. The electronic clock reminded the main character again and again that he hasn't learned his lesson. The numbers on the digital watch glow much better in the dark. If you wake up in the middle of the night and don't know what planet you are on, the electronic assistant will bring you back to reality.

Another stimulus to our ambition is a mirror. Girls evaluate their attractiveness, and men look for self-confidence in reflection. Home mirrors tend to be kind and generous. There is nothing supernatural in this, since they are positioned to create an attractive reflection of a favorably lit face and figure. It is difficult to say which category of home items mirrors belong to. They are beautiful and functional at the same time. Mirrors serve to increase the beauty of their owners, who see their own strengths and weaknesses in their reflection. 

Mirrors can be small and large, wall-mounted, table-top, or even floor-standing. They are horizontal and vertical, framed and unframed. The mirror is the decoration of your home. For someone, one item is enough, which reflects the owner and his guests in the hallway. Most also prefer to have their reflection in the bathroom. It is believed that women love mirrors more than men. Some psychologists think that this view is erroneous, as men study their reflection with no less zeal, but wish to hide this fact. The mirror is the first adviser to a public person – a politician, a TV presenter, a singer, an actor, and so on.

The catalog of our online store presents a huge stylistic variety of mirrors. Choose a rectangular piece that mounts securely to the wall if you're against excessive decoration. Emotional persons who tend to trust the mirror with their thoughts can install a mirror in the bedroom, living room, and private office. All of our options are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive. Choose the mirror you like best. We are ready to satisfy any tastes and needs. In addition, Domesca online store experts are happy to advise their customers on issues of comfort and well-being.

Clocks and mirrors have long been part of our lives. They correct space and time, helping their owners to exist in coziness and stability. The traditional interior necessarily has these two items, but even exotic types of dwellings cannot do without indicators of time and appearance. Comfort in the home depends on many things. You will find everything you need in the Domesca online store. At your service are sections “Bedroom”, “Bathroom”, “Living Room '' and many more. Here you will find everything for home comfort, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle.