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As long as people, not robots, are in demand in the workplace, making responsible decisions, the right lighting will be essential. Dim and too bright lamps definitely harm the eyes. That is why a large army of engineers and designers continues to improve commercial ceiling lighting. Beautiful and practical items for the home, presented in this section of the Domesca catalog, should be selected based on several important parameters. They are detailed in the product description. All of our products are easy to maintain, pleasing to the eye, and durable. It remains to figure out which model is right for you and your employees. Proper lighting has a huge impact on productivity, therefore on the profit of your business. In this matter, one should not make mistakes when choosing appropriate and reliable lighting fixtures. 

When choosing the right model, we advise you to pay attention to the characteristics of commercial ceiling lighting. On the product page, you will find the manufacturer's brand, power source, product style and dimensions, materials used, switch installation type, type and number of light sources, commercial ceiling light shape, wattage, fixture type, control method, controller type, voltage, components included and special functions. Commercial ceiling lighting, presented in the Domesca catalog, is made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for health and the environment. They are non-toxic and non-allergenic and meet stringent global quality and emission standards. Special features are another very important piece of information that will help you make the right choice. Some of them are present in almost all models, others – only in a few. Read the product page carefully so as not to miss useful information.

If the workspace is too large, don't limit employees to one light source. The struggle for a place under the sun is appropriate in the jungle, and not in a friendly team. The optimal solution would be to choose adjustable lighting, evenly installed throughout the territory or in the most significant places. Depending on the nature of the work performed, the intensity and efficiency of lighting devices are selected. Illumination is actively used in art galleries, exhibitions, and shopping centers. Properly installed lighting can work wonders, and pleasantly surprise customers and partners, helping to make profitable deals. Do not forget about the decorative function of lighting fixtures. Built-in or suspended LED lights look very modern and provide great energy savings, especially if the work is going on around the clock.

You might like the LED flat light with wireless control. The model is easy to install on T-Bars and suspended ceilings of residential, commercial and industrial premises. Enjoy perfectly distributed light that is completely devoid of shadows thanks to edge-lit green LED technology. It is completely uniform and lacks hotspots, allowing remote or manual adjustment of brightness, color and other functions. Commercial LED panel luminaires are ultra-thin and very lightweight, yet offer exceptional performance and quality while saving energy. They incorporate third-generation LEDs that require no maintenance and provide up to 80,000 hours of the life cycle. The unique structure of the luminaire, side radiation, high LGP transmittance, illumination uniformity and soft light can rest your eyes and get rid of shadows. These models are suitable for most commercial installations as new lighting projects or can replace an existing old fluorescent equipment.

Do not forget about low heating, and hence the low fire hazard in such lighting devices. LEDs have proved to be excellent in both small and large offices. It remains only to match the design of the lighting fixture with the style of the interior, including the color and texture of the wallpaper. For exhibition space, the mood of visitors decides a lot. Depending on your business, the shopping center can be decorated in an old or ultra-modern style. Diffused or directional, warm or cool, bright or dim, commercial lighting has a wide range of comfort options to suit any taste. Safety in public places has been and remains a priority. In your office or other commercial space, you must provide not only reliable protection against accidents, but also an effective warning system. Also, don't forget about lighting fixtures for service spaces. 

Pay attention to the parking lot lights, regulated by a photocell. The heavy-duty and durable body is equipped with a high-tech heat sink for better heat dissipation. This prolongs the life and safety of the LEDs. The high impermeability of these models is the best choice for outdoor use. The design features a seamless seal and a highly effective long-term barrier to rain, moisture and flying insects. Mount the parking lot light fixture on the slip fitter pre-attached to the round post and tighten the screws. Adjust the angle of the light beam direction and turn on the light. Say No to flickering and breakage. We won't let that happen! Regardless of the cost, style and design of commercial ceiling lighting fixtures, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location.

Corridors, stairs, and other transitional spaces should not be left in the dark. Security and attractiveness often go hand in hand. It remains only to choose the model that you like. If you are still using “gluttonous” incandescent lamps for external and internal lighting, replace them with LEDs as soon as possible. This is a very profitable investment of your capital. Recessed and suspended commercial ceiling lighting is good in any design. We offer products of the best world brands at affordable prices. Visit other sections of the Domesca online store – “Ceiling Lights”, “Wall Lights”, “Outdoor and Landscape Lighting”, and so on. Our clients deserve maximum comfort. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Domesca guarantees safe transportation and prompt delivery to any location.