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Appetite comes with eating, according to popular wisdom. What does it depend on? Appetite depends on many factors. Of course, the main violin here is well-prepared and presented food. The table setting is of great importance, as well as a sincere atmosphere during meals. The last factor is largely determined by the dining set. The chairs on which you sit and the table on which the cups, plates, and other utensils are placed make a huge difference to the comfort of the dining room. Appetite is as much a psychological phenomenon as it is a physiological one. That is why you should think carefully about the atmosphere during meals and about choosing the right dining set.

Home furniture in the dining room is different from the counterparts in the conference room or the office of a big boss. It should be not only convenient and reliable. The dining set radiates the warmth of the hearth and invites you to relax. This feeling of inner comfort is present even at a reception with the Queen of Britain if it is associated with eating. Home furniture is not only the comfort of your home but also its prestige. Stylish and elegant dining sets from the world's best manufacturers are at your service. The minimum number of chairs is four, but you can order a dining set for more people. All details are in the product description. 

On the product page, you'll find all the information you need, including manufacturer's brand, product dimensions and weight, finish type, materials used, components included, style and design, care instructions, and accessibility options. Please note that our dining sets are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, in accordance with global quality and emission standards. The wooden surfaces of the pieces of furniture are finished with selected veneer, which gives the whole set a vintage and indescribable charm of antiquity. Choose a dark shade that emphasizes the elegant contours of the pieces. Choose a dark shade that emphasizes the elegant contours of the pieces. The dining chair is upholstered in a soft, solid color fabric that goes in harmony with the wood frame.

Do not ignore the special features of the product. Some of them can be very helpful. A modern or classic interior will not be distorted by a comfortable footrest or a shelf for storing dishes or magazines. Pay attention to the upholstery and the structure of the backs. Some of them are accentuated with button tufting. High backs with a curved top edge and padded armrests invite you to have a pleasant and relaxed conversation during dinner. The contemporary dining set is easy to assemble without additional tools or special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions to make it faster. The item comes in several boxes, but can be sent separately.

The table area and total space occupied by the dining set are growing along with the number of chairs. The dining room should leave room for other interior items and aisles for movement. After determining the appropriateness of the sizes, proceed to the choice of the style of the dining set. Classical options for the most part are made of wood in different types of processing. The dark dining set creates a nice contrast with the light color of the wallpaper, helping to gather thoughts. A large rectangular or oval lacquered table will reflect the furnishings, so think carefully about what will be standing around. Straight legs of tables and chairs discipline the mind, while curved ones help to relax. 

White sets made of soft light wood can take very elegant shapes, giving the space lightness and ease. You can choose the degree of seat softness and decor. Simple chairs are easy to stack so as not to take up space in the dining room if it is used for other purposes. You can choose the material and color of the upholstery, depending on your taste and style of the room. Some chairs resemble armchairs, while others look like stools with high legs, on which they sit near the bar. The set may include benches – with or without upholstery. Some tables have a couple of shelves under the top, others fold easily and take into their bowels a couple of chairs without backs. 

Such sets are equipped with wheels for easy movement from room to room or even from apartment to apartment. In the catalog of the Domesca online store, there are also dining sets on a metal basis. They are practical and have their own charm, despite the strict style. Regardless of the number of components included, style and design, we guarantee the exclusive quality of all our products and prompt delivery to any location. Shipping will begin immediately after the purchase is made. Our experts will provide technical support at all stages of cooperation. We also recommend visiting other sections of the Domesca catalog: “Kitchen and Dining Furniture”, “Organizational Furniture and Decor” and so on.