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Browsing through the Pasargad collections is like traveling to a fairy tale world where beautiful things live. This is not surprising, since this brand has been creating its own unique designs since the beginning of the last century. Lovers of comfort and high fashion are offered a wide range of high-quality and beautiful products that will take their rightful place in luxurious interiors. Pasargad's portfolio includes superb pieces of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories. Here, every functional and decorative component is thought out to the smallest detail, creating a harmonious whole for visual and tactile enjoyment. This is the main mission of Pasargad. Comfort can be heavenly if one buys the products of this manufacturer. The reputation of this brand is impeccable, and popularity continues to grow, thanks to life principles that have remained unchanged since its inception. Firstly, all models are made of durable and time-tested materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Secondly, the manufacturer is proud to offer superior quality and durability. Pasargad household items remain fresh and modern for decades, being often a family heirloom or a precious gift from a loved one. The company carefully preserves the tradition of craftsmanship, combining them with innovation to achieve even greater excellence to satisfy demanding clients. Happy customers are the best reward, according to representatives of the respected brand.


Comfort is refined luxury, while the highest quality and functionality are not inferior to the aesthetic merits of the product. Pasargad designers embody this simple formula in pieces, sets, lighting fixtures, carpets and decor. The company offers stylish and sophisticated furniture for different types and sizes of rooms – accent chairs, sofas and settees, coffee and side tables, cabinets, bar stools, benches, desks, magazine holders, ottomans and poufs, as well as outdoor furniture. A relatively new but rapidly growing competence of Pasargad is lighting. Stylish and modern sconces, chandeliers, pendants and table lamps are made in full accordance with the brand's philosophy. Lighting is not only a function, but part of the interior. The collections are intriguing with names: Lombardi, Ravello, Bergamo, Vicenza, Luna, Torano, Simona, Portofino, Noho, Serena, Lucca, Bari, Lorenzo and so on. It is quite obvious that they are inspired by the best Italian traditions, and each city has made its own unique contribution to the common treasury. Fans of original design solutions will find interesting models for every taste in the brand's catalog. Modern homelovers are often looking for zen, that is, something subtly beautiful, manifesting itself unusually in simple and random objects. Pasargad brand designers are ready to offer such people a fresh look at ordinary objects – baskets, shades, mirrors and pillows. A mirror can look like a window to another dimension, and a pillow – promise magical dreams.


This famous furniture brand was created back in 1904. Its founders were contemporaries of legendary men who made great history. It was a time of transition to mass culture, with all its shortcomings and virtues. The traditions of furniture art have not yet receded before the pressure of conveyor production, and the great craftsmen still lived and were highly valued. Pasargad focused on the production of furniture, and handmade carpets. Experienced weavers from Afghanistan made masterpieces from lamb wool, focusing on examples of medieval art of the East. The handmade tradition continues to this day in the offerings of this brand. Timeless style, as production is automated, is becoming more and more in demand among fans of real comfort.

The soft color scheme gives the magnificent decorative carpets a modern and sophisticated look. With a symphony of florals, vines, and latticework detailing, this beautiful household item brings warmth and life to any room. Today, Pasargad continues to delight connoisseurs of true craftsmanship and comfort with new designs of furniture, carpets and lighting fixtures based on the best traditions. The classic never dies, as there are people willing to keep the ancient art alive in comfortable and functional home items. Tradition and innovation are ready to work together in the caring and experienced hands of real craftsmen, creating the perfect comfort and absolute security of the home. Household paradise is a reality if one knows where to buy furniture and accessories.