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Rove™ - Organa Pendant


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Elegant™ - 3000D Chandelier


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The selection of devices for lighting a house, veranda, or office is no less important stage in the design of a room than the choice of furniture, wall colors, and home decor. Today, pendant lighting at Domesca is represented by a wide range of various chandeliers, small modern LED lamps and other lighting fixtures. This is the most extensive category of devices, the main feature of which is considered to be special mounts - suspensions. Hanging lamps are installed in bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Given the unique design of the products, there are no problems with the choice. To decide on a good model for a room in the "Pendant Lamps" section, we recommend you pay attention to the style of the product, its technical characteristics, dimensions, and other details. But first, let's find out how well this type of lighting is!

Foremost, it is worth mentioning that all mounted lamps are safe to use. Thanks to a special suspension, the ceiling does not heat up from the lamp, which is especially important if stretch ceilings are installed in the apartment. They can also be adjusted. The height of the suspension can be adjusted to the characteristics of the room, taking into account the height of the ceilings, and the style of the interior. The luminaire is easy to set up when moving to a new home as it folds effortlessly. They fit perfectly into different styles and are combined with different finishing materials. And of course, pendant lamps at Domesca are presented in a wide range. We have models in different sizes, styles, and designs, so it's easy to find the right one for any space.

Fans of contemporary interiors are sure to love the golden lattice pendant lamp with a centered spherical base with straight arms to support the candelabra. Such a model can be large enough to illuminate any vintage room, creating an atmosphere of unique novelty. The intricate geometric design with a cylindrical metal shape will perfectly fit into different interiors: from farmhouse and minimalist to modern and industrial. All of our models are easy to assemble and come with all necessary mounting hardware. You do not need the help of another person, additional tools and special skills. Use the installation instructions to avoid misunderstandings. Some models are shipped assembled. You just need to adjust the desired hanging height, screw in the bulbs, hang the pendant on the hook and turn it on.

Luminaires for a wide variety of styles can be adapted to sloped ceilings. Pay attention to the farmhouse pendant, made of mouth-blown teardrop-shaped glass. The product has gone through dozens of handmade processes, making it a timeless lighting that will become the centerpiece of your sweet home. The versatile look of this model will give a special charm to any space, such as the hallway, bedroom, dining room, kitchen island or breakfast nook. To adjust the comfort, use the dimmer, which allows you to set the brightness in a wide range of values. The length of the cord is also adjustable. Remember to install a ground (usually copper wire). The black insulated wire is live, while the white insulated one is neutral. The cord and lamp holder are UL certified and fully tested to ensure the best quality for Domesca online store customers.

When choosing a suitable pendant lamp, it is necessary to take into account the features of the room, its dimensions, style, prevailing shades, and materials. The lamp should become an integral part of the interior. If the lamp is needed exclusively for decorative design, then its technical characteristics fade into the background, the main thing is to choose the right design. If a chandelier is needed to illuminate a room, you need to calculate the power of the lamp in order to provide comfortable lighting. Speaking about the features of the rooms, it is important to say that in the bedroom you need a lamp with a soft, pleasant light, in the living room and in the kitchen you need more powerful devices.

Depending on the tasks that pendant lamps solve, there are 4 types of models: the first is for general light. They have a powerful luminous flux, a wide angle of dispersion, and create light over a large area. The second is for local lighting. These models are represented by single pendants or small compositions of 2-3 lamps. Worktop lighting solutions usually have a narrower beam angle. The third option is for accent lighting. They emphasize the textures and shapes of objects, suitable for highlighting paintings or sculptures. And the fourth model is multitasking. Such devices can be used for general, and for zonal, and accent lighting. You can find all these types of pendant lights in our online store in different color options.

High-quality and modern pendants, presented in the catalog of our online store, add elegance and unique intimacy to your interior. If your outlet and voltage do not match the corresponding model parameters, you should purchase an adapter and converter. Domesca experts will gladly provide the necessary technical support. Regardless of style, size and cost, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each household item and prompt delivery to any location. Also visit “Flush Mount Lighting”, “Recessed Lighting”, “Directional & Spot Lighting”, and other Domesca categories. We appreciate the trust of our customers, therefore we offer high-quality and beautiful goods from the best world brands. Order pendant lighting and other home equipment at any time of the day or night.