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OVICX Furniture

When choosing equipment for sports exercises, the first question that arises among buyers is: “Which is the best and most reliable manufacturer of exercise equipment in the world?”. And the answer to this question is obvious – OVICX. To equip sports clubs, various equipment is purchased: treadmills, elliptical trainers, steppers, exercise bikes, units for traction and pressing exercises, and much more. The creators of the brand have actually abandoned the use of mono-devices, and prefer universal designs that adapt to any user and provide an integrated approach to improving your body. OVICX products are distinguished by reliability, wide functionality, modern technique, and thoughtful design.

The trend of health and a healthy lifestyle has been relevant for many years and conquers more and more heights. In this regard, manufacturers of sports equipment could not stand aside and respond as quickly as possible to increased demand, offering new ideas and innovations in the production of sports equipment. OVICX is the best of its kind, a distinctive feature of the brand's simulators is compactness and affordable cost with high quality and functionality. The advantage of buying goods of this brand at Domesca will be not only a favorable price but also such advantages: high quality, the goods are fully checked by specialists for compliance with the declared characteristics, all parts are new and original, a guarantee from the company for the purchased products, as well as post-warranty service.


Based in Fremont, California, OVICX is one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of high-quality, smart fitness equipment. The date of birth of the company is considered to be 2016, while the company has been manufacturing multi-level simulators for more than 6 years. OVICX equipment is known for its high build quality, modern design, and state-of-the-art features. In total, the manufacturer offers more than a hundred different products, which means that it is possible to equip not only a room at your home but the entire gym using only equipment from this brand. One of the most popular brands of smart sports equipment in the US, OVICX equipment is very commonly seen in both large and small gyms across America and Europe.

OVICX wants to help people live a better life with equipment that can be used both at the gym and at home. The range of the brand appliances is one of the most diverse and complete on the global market. All brand products, in addition to being professional and of high functional quality, are also very well designed. OVICX has been running its business for over 5 years and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Thus, the equipment designed and created by this company is gaining more and more popularity. If OVICX gym equipment fits your budget, this would be one of the greatest choices. And we are sure that the prices for the goods of this brand will please you because the team of employees tried to make their assortment affordable for all customers with different financial abilities.


The history of OVICX is simple and amazing at the same time. A group of students tired of studying gathered one evening in 2016 and set about creating very convenient and versatile simulators. This idea did not come to them just like that, it was the reason for dissatisfaction with their physical health. And since a regular visit to the gym for young students was too expensive, they decided to create the equipment and the conditions that would be available to the common man. In order to fulfill this mission, a group of friends had to introduce innovations not known to the world before. However, there are many things that you cannot see with the naked eye. For example, production technologies, economic logistics, and creatively developed distribution. These visible and invisible innovations together help the brand’s team to bring high-quality products to your home at affordable prices.

OVICX is a relatively young brand that has already established itself in the best possible way. This is an American manufacturer, whose developments are based on the experience of the most famous brands, and adapted for the average consumer. The range of goods is already large enough, which allows you to choose exactly what you want. The brand also focuses on high quality and affordable prices. If you need an excellent home trainer, but you are not ready to overpay, then OVICX is exactly what you need. OVICX offers one of the industry's largest ranges of quality fitness equipment. Manufacturers actively follow trends and offer a variety of fitness equipment lines to give you a wide choice when it comes to features and price points. The Domesca team is happy to help you select fitness devices based on physical placement, used space, and budget.