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In the bedroom, we spend at least 8 hours a day, if we're just sleeping. But here we often read, communicate with loved ones, and put ourselves in order before work. This room sets the mood for the whole day, so it’s no wonder that high demands are placed on the interior of this space. Domesca experts will help you furnish your bedroom in Romantic, Classic or Scandinavian style. A sense of stability is created with luxurious furniture. Creative people will love the original design of wall shelves, mirror frames and all sorts of stands. Supporters of the Spartan conditions will also find practical and inexpensive items for the home in our catalog. 

The bedroom is the inner sanctum of any home. Here the person completely relaxes, throwing off the mask from the face and clothes from the rest of the body. Isn't that why we care so much that the items in the bedroom are not only reliable, but also pleasing to the eye? You can turn a bedroom of any size into a small paradise if the things placed here become your friends and helpers. A bed and a bedside table, a wardrobe and a clothes hanger should be bought, guided by stylistic unity. However, the main requirement for modeling is ease and convenience.

The bed is the main furniture item of the bedroom interior. With it, you should start modeling this room. First, decide on the hardness of the bed if this parameter affects your health. The canopy will separate the lying area from the rest of the bedroom space and make sleep even more comfortable. If you prefer to put a sleeping place near the wall or in the corner, the criterion for choosing a model will be a strict perimeter. Excessive decorations in the design of the bed are appropriate in a spacious and bright bedroom. In our catalog, you will find many various designs.

The size and design of the linen closet also depend on the spaciousness of your bedroom. In a small room, it is better to use a compact, reliable, and inexpensive chest of drawers. A good option would be a dismountable organizer with a lightweight metal frame and a fabric cover. An integrated wooden cabinet can combine hangers and shelves for pillows, toys, and books. Place frequently used perfumes, cosmetics, and esthetic tools on a frame shelf near the mirror. All the mentioned items are present in the catalog of the Domesca online store.

Chairs and armchairs never come with a bed or bedside table. Eclecticism in the choice of these items is allowed, given the informal atmosphere of the bedroom. Purchase them according to the size of this room and convenience. A mirror and a wall clock are also necessary items for the bedroom. A ticking mechanical device can be annoying for some people and calming for others. Consider this feature when choosing a wall clock. Desk clocks are traditionally equipped with an alarm function so that you are not late for work.

Do not ignore the issue of proper bedroom lighting. For small spaces, built-in devices with soft and warm illumination are perfect. It is very appropriate to place several light sources here, one of which must be at arm's length. Some people prefer to fall asleep in the dim light of a night lamp. This household item should be safe and energy-saving. It is quite obvious that a night lamp should spread a pleasant and not harsh light. Try to position the bedside light source and mirror so that when the lamp is turned on, the reflection of visible electromagnetic waves does not enter your eyes. This can be annoying.

In the bedroom, you will need a variety of other items for the home. Mats made of synthetic or natural materials are always pleasant to the touch for bare feet or kids’ play. In your personal paradise, you'll need an air purifier and humidifier, fragrant flowers in pots, throw pillows, and curtains in nice colors. Each of these items must be solid and beautiful, regardless of the masculine or feminine style of the room. Online store Domesca offers a large collection of bedroom furniture and accessories that will satisfy all tastes and preferences. Our clients deserve the best!