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Elegant Lighting & Furniture

The city of Philadelphia was planned as a center of enlightenment for the young United States of America. Should it be surprising that Elegant Lighting started in this very place? To illuminate and enlighten is the life principle of this American brand. Elegant is constantly in the development of new technologies and design solutions. A team of creative specialists never ceases to amaze with innovations in various areas of home modeling. The official site offers an extensive catalog of quality products, including bathroom, kitchen, office furniture, accessories, and mirrors designed to reflect the Elegant customers and well-lit interiors in the best light.

Even the most beautiful interior will look dull and tasteless without proper lighting conditions. The company started with the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures, in particular crystal chandeliers. Today, an extensive collection of lighting is ready to satisfy fans of different interior styles. Here you can see classic and ultra-modern models, as well as vintage, Brutalist, and, of course, high-tech items, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern office. The choice of colors is also very diverse, in lighting fixtures and furniture. Finding the right shade is easy in the official catalog, in the “Color” category. The company feels justly proud of the unsurpassed quality and thoughtful design of each product, combining comfort and functionality in every detail.


The chandeliers and lamps from the Elegant brand are recognizable and loved in the United States of America and beyond. The impeccability of each model goes with fantastic freedom of creativity. What about a spherical chandelier that hangs over your head like a miniature Earth? But if you don't mind shocking guests, choose a strict floor lamp. It will perfectly fit into a classic interior. A vintage lamp in the form of an exquisite vase will look unusual and spectacular. Ceiling lights, table and floor lamps, outdoor lighting, and wall and commercial lights are at your disposal. Don't miss the pendants (low-hanging chandeliers) from the Elegant brand, presented in a wide range of themes. 

If you appreciate the quality and originality of lighting fixtures, you should get acquainted with other categories of the Elegant's catalog. Furnish your bathroom in a beautiful and tasteful style with a backsplash, bathtub, bathroom vanity, LED mirror, and vanity lights. The company has a large selection of mirrors – decorative, medical, floor, LED and vanity mirrors. The Elegant furniture will appeal to the champions of perfect quality and good taste. End and pub tables, TV stands, cabinets and chests, fireplaces, sideboards and benches, buffet and dining tables, ottomans and stools, office chairs and candle holders, clocks and knobs are at your service.


Since its founding in 2000, this American brand has focused on customers with high demands for comfort. The company has never changed its principles – quality, safety, and elegance. For more than two decades, Elegant has gained numerous admirers all over the world. For many of them, this brand has become a symbol of the American way of life. Almost every year, there are new designs for chandeliers and pieces of furniture. The American approach to the problem is manifested in the search for revolutionary solutions and their prompt implementation. This is the only way to stay on the crest of the wave, riding in the most unexpected direction. 

Luxurious chandeliers of Elegant are ordered in remote corners of our planet to illuminate restaurants, offices, and homes. More than a hundred original collections appeal to the national traditions and aesthetic preferences of numerous brand customers on all continents. The company carefully selects suppliers of crystal and other materials. Elegant today is a network of mutually beneficial relationships with partners around the world, including Austria (Swarovski crystals), Egypt, and China. Let there be light – beautiful, comfortable, and safe, in every home, office, and restaurant. Search and find the household items from the Elegant brand in the Domesca catalog at any time of the day or night.